Bonus Interview: 'The State Of... Linux Gaming?'

With the release of Windows Vista, which has had some much-publicized issues (whether press-exaggerated or not) of late, we wondered whether it might be ushering in more of of a Linux renaissance. That’s why we thought now might be a good time to have a chat with Bob Zimbinksi, who has run the Linux Gaming Tome for around nine years now.

“Answering your questions has made me realize just how removed from Linux gaming I am these days,” he smiles. “Don't mistake me for an authority on modern Linux gaming. I'm a guy with a Macbook Pro and an Xbox 360. Sorry!”

Err, so… maybe that says something about Linux gaming, eh? Not that Zimbinski doesn’t still have some interesting things to say about the history of the site, and where Linux gaming has been in the past, of course.

More importantly, he’s got an explanation as to why he’s moved away from Linux, and whether or not commercial gaming has a home on an operating system that thrives on a base of free software.

GSW: When did you first start using Linux, and what attracted you to it?