Blogging with Movable Type 4.1

As the popularity of blogs continues to rise, blogging software platforms continue to evolve. With the recent release of version 4.1, the popular Movable Type application offers improvements that allow bloggers to expand their control over the publishing process.

Movable Type is professional open source blogging software developed by Six Apart, written in Perl, and released under the GNU GPL. It requires a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl (LAMP) server or an equivalent to run, and a mail server such as Sendmail or another SMTP-capable engine. The Apache server must be configured to execute CGI scripts. To start, you can try a functional online demo.

In the new version, Movable Type's user interface has been slightly redesigned. Assets are now editable, which means users can easily change some characteristics of published images, sound, or video files. The developers have added more template tags and improved the code language. The Publish Queue feature now allows publication and synchronization across multiple servers. You can add user pics to written entries and comments. Designers can now register templates, and users can select the template sets they need for their blogs. Globally Shared Template Modules allow designers to make changes over an unlimited number of blogs.