Beesoft Commander: An old school file manager on the modern desktop

Although the last release of Norton Commander, the famous file manager for DOS, was a decade ago, its legacy lives on in dozens of clones on every operating system imaginable. On GNU/Linux, one of the most popular clones is Beesoft Commander (BSC). Although designed for the desktop and built with a recent version of the Qt libraries, BSC, like Norton Commander, remains a file manager built mainly for the keyboard. As a centralized tool for file operations, it offers a degree of convenience that makes it worth learning, especially if most of your work involves source code, HTML, or other plain text files.

The stable version of BSC is 2.27, and it's available from the repositories of many major distributions. Beta version 4.0.06 is also available from the project's download page, but if you try it, expect to see some blank dialogs, especially in System -> Configure.