Automating Firefox with iMacros

Do you have some mundane task that you have to do regularly through a Web browser? Are you a developer who wants to automatically test the interface of your latest Web application? Maybe you want to log into all of the sites you visit on a daily basis with one click. If you fall into any of these categories, you should check out the iMacros Firefox extension.

The iMacros for Firefox is a record and playback automation tool for the browser. The extension uses the Firefox engine to track all actions and record them in scripts that can be saved, shared, and loaded for playback. It supports most JavaScript, which sets iMacros apart from most freely available Web automation tools. The free version of iMacros cannot record actions performed on Flash objects, Java applets, or any other third-party plugins, but a $500 business edition has support for various plugins, including Flash, Java, and Silverlight.