Automated backups in Linux

One of the hardest things to get most users to do is to backup their computer. This is likely due to a false belief that hardware does not fail, or operating systems do not crash, or user error does not occur. Some might even believe that all data is recoverable, even in the worst possible situations. Sad to say, it's not. Besides, getting into the habit of backing up data is always a good thing, no matter what the system or the reason.

Most people who do backups use expensive backup software and/or hardware to do their backups while others use somewhat clumsy, selective backups through manual methods. Those are alright, but I've got something better that will be highly useful to you, will protect your data, and can be setup to run automatically for you so you never have to touch the system again. But what is this miracle system and why does it run so well on Linux? Well, let me show you.


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Great method ^^ I've been doing the same thing manually, used to be annoying though.