AstroMenace 1.2 - Real Gaming in Linux

While changing to a great OS like Ubuntu , I had to make some sacrifices , one of them being : less gaming. I'm not seeing I ended my gamer " career" , buy i start to look for smaller web games , or testing the big LINUX games that everybody was talking about. ( Tremoulos,Quake Wars,Nexuiz,Battle For Wesnoth). But until recently my gaming experience was not fulfilled. The graphics was poor, the sounds were not even interesting and overall the games sucked big time.

Recently I came across this jewel , that nobody seems to talk about. AstroMenace = the first true Linux Game. The concept is old , and it reminded my of the old console games , but the way you can customize your ship , like an RPG , the graphics, the atmosphere,the asteroids, the mother ships.. so much ,all of a sudden.

This post is a tribute to this game : and in a few words and pictures I will try to explain my self.