Application/Software management in Ubuntu Gutsy

If you are very new to Ubuntu and have come from Windows where you got most updates by visiting the various vendors of each application and doing so separately; you are in for a shock! Updating your complete Ubuntu system including all the software is as simple as running the update manager. In this simple how-to you will learn how easy it is to install in various different ways and remove software as well.

Keeping your Ubuntu System up to Date:
Although you can use synaptic to install your updates, there is a dedicated tool provided by Ubuntu in the name and form of the “Update Manager” (located in System -> Administration -> Update Manager). It is very simple to use; once you start it, it will automatically download the list of updates available for your software. and shows them all neatly checked in a list. If your list is a bit old (it’s verified each day) you can make Ubuntu check for new updates by hitting “Check” and your list will be brought up to date. If you are curious and want to know a little bit more about the update(s) click “Show Details”.

Ubuntu checks for updates daily as mentioned above and notifies you when updates that are important come up. Run update manager by yourself once in a while to keep yourself covered.

Using Add/ Remove to manage software: