Amarok Review

Since Amarok 2 is on its way with all the fuss around it and the currently stable version will probably be the last in the 1.x series, I decided to make a review of the last stable Amarok. Debian Lenny will ship with this version (or any later version before Amarok 2), probably making it the most stable Amarok experience up to date.

There is so much to say about Amarok that I could not possibly include in this review each and every feature it comes with, so I will try to only cover the highlights. Amarok is one of the most loved audio players for Linux; it's been around for several years and it practically includes any feature one could ask from an audio player: from collection management and statistics, scripts, cover fetching, lyrics fetching, Wikipedia tab for artist/album/title, Magnatune Music Store, to song submission, visualisations, ratings and many, many more.