Alternative Installation Methods for Gutsy

Ubuntu can be installed using other methods as well, which might prove handy in some circumstances. For example, let's say you want to install Ubuntu on a computer that has no CD/DVD-ROM drive. What do you do? Well, you can install Ubuntu from another machine on the network (if there is one) that will provide the installation files to other computers on the LAN, or you can install it from the hard drive if there is no LAN. For the latter solution, you will need an active Internet connection to download the Ubuntu ISO image or you can use an external hard drive as well.

Make sure you have the following requirements before you start installing Ubuntu 7.10 with the methods presented in this guide:

Ubuntu 7.10 Alternate CD
Ubuntu 7.10 Destktop CD
• an active network connection
• the computer's BIOS must have the 'boot from network' option activated
• access to another network machine that is already running Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu from a network server: