Alexandria: Book cataloging the way it should be

GNU/Linux inherits a tradition of small programs that do one thing very well. A modern example of this tradition is Alexandria, a dedicated book cataloger for GNOME. Although a few workarounds would make it almost as useful as KDE's Tellico for other collections, especially music, Alexandria's focus remains squarely on books and their organization by library, status, and ratings. Perhaps its closest analogy is the online LibraryThing, although Alexandria actually predates LibraryThing and is designed for private, desktop use.

Available as a Debian or source package, Alexandria recently released version 0.6.2.b2 after a couple of years without an update. The new interface is much the same as the one in earlier versions, with libraries listed in a table of contents page on the left and the contents of selected libraries on the right as either a series of book covers or a list. The main difference is that the left pane now includes a series of views or Smart Libraries based on the ratings assigned to individual books. Read, Wishlist, Owned, Loaned, and Favorite are the default views, although you can add additional ones based on tags.