adduser vs useradd

adduser or useradd, which one should I use?

There are differences between them in some distributions, and they are the same in others, In Ubuntu they are different,


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Thanks for the comments,

Thanks for the comments, everybody online marketing! Both solutions are good, but both have problems. TimeValult isn't quite ready yet, as cheesehead noted. I haven't seen any major progress in TimeValult in probably a year. It doesn't seem this project will be going anywhere, at least not any time soon. Please correct me if I am mistaken accept credit card. grsync seems like the better solution of the two. I haven't actually used it, but from what I can see it looks mostly stable and usable. Unfortunately, it does not seem to support snapshots. If you were to accidentally delete an important file right before the sync runs, you'd be out of luck web design services. I would still argue that a GUI for rsnapshot would be the best way to go. It is tried and true, and does provide snapshots of the system (while taking up little more than 1x the size of the target directory to do so). It seems there is a GUI available called FlyBack ( or-linux/) wireless internet providers. I haven't tried it, but I would recommend that Canonical look into it. Please keep the conversation going with any more ideas or resources you have available.