9 Simple Ways To Recover Your Screen on Linux and Unix

Hopefully, today's title didn't give anyone the wrong impression. If you've gone and thrown your monitor off the balcony in a fit of rage, this post can't help you, except to offer the following advice: Go to the store and buy a buy a new one (they're much cheaper now than when you may have bought yours, which will help offset the counseling, therapy and court-ordered community service expenses ;)

Then make a solemn resolution. Promise yourself that, the next time you work all night on a complex program that, even to you, barely makes any sense by the time you've accidentally deleted random chunks of it before remembering to write the buffer to disk, you will take 5 seconds, walk away, huff in a deep deep breath, count to 10 and then smash it with a brick, instead. You'll be as happy as you were last time, but you probably won't get arrested ;)


Alas, enough pontificating. To get your weekend started off right, here are 9 ways you can, hopefully, get your terminal output back to normal if you ever cat a binary executable or do anything else that makes it all turn "Chinese" on you. Enjoy and have a safe weekend :)