6 ways to find files in linux

1. Kfind : Sometimes you need to find a file so that you can edit it, but you do not know exactly where it is located in the files system. you might know the name of the file or only part of the name. At another time you might need a list of all files that have been modified in the last two days or that exceeds a certain size.You can use Kfind to find files with specific features, you can start Kfind from the KDE menu with the find files entry.

In the Named field. enter the name of the file you want to find. If you don’t know the entire name of the file, you use the wildcards “?” for one character and “*” for none, one, or several characters.

2. Find : To search for files on the command line you can use the command “find”.


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Three Other Ways

I can think of three different ways that may also be useful. Beagle and Track are search and indexing tools. GNOME Do is a Quicksilver-like clone that also allows you to find things quickly.

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