Really, Five is the amount of bugs YOU, yes YOU, will work on today. This is a new promotion by Daniel Holbach, called 5-A-Day. What it breaks down to is this…You will pick 5 bugs per day to work on. Whether you are a developer or not, there is much fun to be had for everybody!

And the great thing is, Daniel even created a nice utility to help you show off the work you are doing. It is super easy to get involved with and requires only the amount of time you want to give. If you aren’t a developer, pick 5 bugs marked as New, and see if you can recreate the issue at hand, if so, mark the bug as Confirmed and add you comments. If you can’t confirm it, mark the bug as Incomplete and add your comments. If you are a developer, fix some bugs, create some patches, or upload fixes that are already available.

Requirements? Yes, there are a couple that I can think of.