10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: NTFS partition writing

As we close in on the 7.10 release, today we take a look at NTFS writing, the ability for our Ubuntu machines to write to NTFS formatted partitions, primarily those of Windows XP and Vista.

But couldn’t I do this in previous versions of Ubuntu?

Nope! What you could do was see your Windows NTFS drives but not write to them. This is useful for getting data off the computer, for such things as the awesome Migration Assistant but not much use to those who use both OSes on a regular basis.

So how I use it?

Install Ubuntu. One your desktop there should a little icon labelled something like “sda1”. Open it up just like any other folder and drag your files to it. Take a look:


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This is just plain wrong. I

This is just plain wrong. I have been writing to my windows partition happily for quite some time. You could do this with Edgy or before. You had to install a package though, it worked quite happily. I think that Gutsy is maybe just the first release to include it by default, which is nice.