Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 56

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #56 for the week September 2nd - September 8th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover new Ubuntu and MOTU members, the Tribe 6 milestone, an Ubuntu get-together, the one year anniversary of French UWN translations, and, as always, much much more!

Firefox 3: A look at its new security features

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Web browsers around today. But what does the Mozilla team have in store for us along security lines? To find out, let’s take a look at the pre-release version of Firefox 3 (code-named Gran Paradiso 1.9 Alpha 7).

Firefox 3 to resume downloads across sessions

The latest Firefox 3 (code name Gran Paradiso) development release (nightly) includes the very important and expected ability to pause downloads and resume them across sessions, that is even after restarting Firefox.

Updated Beagle Packages for Gutsy Available

Beagle support in Ubuntu has been less than stellar up until this point (across all releases), and unfortunately, the best that we can really hope for in the immediate future is acceptable.

Lenovo is choosing Linux distro for their laptops, vote for Ubuntu!

Lenovo is choosing Linux distro for their laptops, vote for Ubuntu! More hardware vendors offer Ubuntu, better drivers and collaboration with Canonical to come.

Setup MySpace IM with PIDGIN!

I personally hate myspace due to the spam and lameness, facebook for me is a little better, but for those people with girlfriends that are nagging, "why did you change my operating system, I need myspace IM" blah blah blah... Here it is, a reverse engineering hack for myspace IM...

Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 6 - Not a Formal Release

Yes, you read that right. The Ubuntu 7.10 Tribe 6 testing release is not really a release. It was decided to use it as a bug fixing milestone instead.

Fix Comcast or University BitTorrent Connection Killing on Ubuntu

I was searching the web for a fix for this fuq'd up problem about Comcast and Universities limiting connections with Sandvine. I have many reasons to believe qwest and other internet service providers are going to start limiting your torrent connections which is bullshit. Bittorrent is indeed hard on ISP's with thousands of syn/ack and tcp connection to and from your computer. I have read BANDWIDTH CHALLENGE TO PUSH LIMITS OF TECHNOLOGY and it seems bandwidth is surpassing technology and ISP's need to upgrade, but anyways who's fault is that? Not ours, screw them!

Play Xvid, MPEG1/2, DivX4, MP3, AVI, OGG, Windows Media Video 7/8/9 on Ubuntu with Xine

Xine is the best free high-performance multimedia playback engine. Xine itself is a shared library with an easy to use, yet powerful API which is used by many applications for smooth video playback and video processing purposes...

Enable Sudo insults for some laughs!

I recently found a fun feature available within the sudo program, that got over 500 Digs today!! that will insult you when you do the wrong thing such as enter your password incorrectly. I’ll tell you how you can activate the feature for a few laughs and also give a few examples of what insults you might get.

Windows Guy Tries Ubuntu 7.04

I’m Live Blogging my first attempt at the newest version of Ubuntu , version 7.04. Let me get this out of the way first - I am a hard-core Windows fan. Say what you want about Microsoft, it powers the world. I can use any hardware, play any game and use nearly any software ever written. I can do it securely, and with little frustration. Every attempt I have ever made at using Linux has left me disappointed. I am a geek, but I do not relish spending 3 days to get a wireless card working when I can do it in 5 minutes in Windows. There, is that enough of a disclaimer? OK then here we go.

RedMonk Beers - My UbuntuLive Talk

In his keynote address here at Ubuntu Live, the RedMonk principal analyst (and Ubuntu devotee) flashed a quote from Sun Tzu on the screen: "You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended."

Install Ubuntu as a Windows program (Wubi)

Wubi is a free Windows front end installer for the Ubuntu operating system. That means that Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu without leaving Windows, just like any other Windows application! With Wubi you don’t have to burn any fancy I.S.O. images to a CD, no worrying about disk partitioning, and you can even uninstall Ubuntu, right from windows.

Mark Shuttleworth talks about ATI's new drivers

Mark Shuttleworth talks About the new ati drivers being included in the next release of Ubuntu.

Full Circle Magazine

The FREE Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Linux Community

It's official: ATI Radeon drivers to be open sourced

AMD briefed this morning on a pending announcement regarding the open sourcing of drivers for ATI graphics cards. It's official -- AMD will make code and specifications for ATI graphics cards available on the Internet on September 10.

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts: Tour of the Ubuntu Desktop



A quick tour of the Ubuntu deskop, and some of its features

VirtualBox 1.5.0 update includes seamless windowing

Innotek rolled out a significant update to its VirtualBox open source virtualization software this week. According to Achim Hasenmueller, managing director of innotek, the release of VirtualBox 1.5.0 for Windows and Linux marks the first time seamless windowing -- the ability to display a single Windows application on a Linux desktop -- is available for Linux systems.

KDE 4 Beta 2 released today

KDE 4.0 continues to edge closer to completion with today's announcement of the Beta 2 release. Improvements have been made to Bluetooth support and blogging functions, and a freeze is in place so developers can begin working on bug fixes. Beta 2 also includes KOffice 2.0 Alpha 2 and a complete overhaul of remote desktop client KRDC.

Alt Ctrl Del - Ubuntu Task Manager

Damn I installed Ubuntu and the only complaint I had was no alt-ctrl-del for a task manager in Ubuntu.

To bind your system monitor to pop up when you use ctrl+al+del use the following commands in xterm/gnome-terminal:

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