Meet the Ubuntu 7.10 Official Wallpaper

Theres an official wllpaper for Ubuntu 7.10. Come here and see it :D

Ubuntu “Human” Gnome-Screensaver Lock Dialog Theme

One of my friends let me in on a project he put together today that I think a lot of you would be interested in. Actually I think it would be a great addition to squeeze into the next Ubuntu release (can some of the higher-ups with a say on the freezes perhaps take a look?) It is a “human” themed gnome screensaver lock dialog.

Easy search on Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu

Russel Coker, a famous Debian developper, took a really interesting initiative. He used the Google Custom search to create 2 Google search engines :

Dell Releases Modified Ubuntu CDs

Dell has made its modified Ubuntu installers available to download. These disks include drivers and fixes for Dell’s Ubuntu supported PCs.

New site aims to cut power bills for Intel-based Linux users

The Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) at Intel has launched a Web site,, to help Linux users maximize power savings. The site hosts several open source projects, and shares tips and tricks to help optimize power consumption on hardware from portable devices running on batteries to large data centers.

Introducing the new Fridge!

Thanks to the awesome work of Joey Stanford and Matthew Nuzum, the Fridge has had a long overdue upgrade and complete re-design. We now have:

The Open Source Solution to Solving Linux Wi-Fi Problem

Could this be the badly needed 'fix' that we need in the wireless world with regard to Linux? While it does present a new world of simplicity with getting innovation underway, I do not think this alone is going to help get more wireless vendors on board with the Linux movement anytime soon.

New P2P network uses bandwidth as currency

The only real exchange between peers in a traditional peer-to-peer network is limited to the files being transferred. Tribler is a new P2P network that's introducing social networking concepts to facilitate better interactions between users. Using new algorithms and protocols, Tribler users will also be able to cash in on their generous uploads for faster downloads.

About Linux desktop adoption

The topic comes up regularly and since I just installed gutsy on my old laptop (which went pretty smooth) I’m in the mood to add something to it. I will only point out the most important thing else it will be more like writing a book instead of a blog entry.

Vista Pushes Linux Into Primetime

It is hardly a fluke that Ubuntu really began to attract former Windows users roughly around the same time as Windows Vista came out. Despite the number of Windows migrants who eventually floated back to Windows XP, the fact is that projects like Wubi make it really easy to slide into a Linux mindset.

openSUSE 10.3 RC1 its here!

I know some of you like openSUSE and maybe dont know about this new Release Candidate, so, here you are lucky bastards!

GNOME 2.20 Released

GNOME 2.20 has been released, this is the version that will be included in Ubuntu 7.10. Here are a few things that caught my eye from the release notes:

Google Summer of Code continues its record of success

A musical notation system for KOffice, a cross-platform kiosk browser, a help system editor for GNOME -- these are just a few of the projects completed in this year's Google Summer of Code (SOC) event, during which Google paid students to work on free and open source software projects. The innovations in this third year appear to have enriched the experience for participants, but not affected the project completion rate.

Mozilla drops $3m on new company to develop Thunderbird

Mozilla announced plans this week to sink $3 million into a new Mozilla Foundation project designed to enhance the Thunderbird mail client. Early reports indicate that the as-yet-unnamed newly formed company will focus on positioning Thunderbird for use in Internet communications, including Web-based email, IM, and SMS.

UNOFFICIAL: GNOME 2.20 is here!

GNOME 2.20 just came out of the oven and is as crispy as you’d expect it to be after a couple of months of development! This is the second release I take part of (not as a developer but as a translator), and want to take the opportunity to thank all of those who participated in this effort!

Linux on cell phones: the trend is up

This summer, in a perfect storm of activity, the cell phone suddenly became a full-fledged wireless computer. Those prime-time TV commercials promoting the iPhone downplay the telephone application to emphasize data-rich Internet media capabilities -- email, Web surfing, GPS navigation, music, photos, and video -- all on a cell phone.

Ubuntu's path to the mainstream user

Last week, personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Walter Mossberg, authored a review of the new Dell-Ubuntu system. The piece came across as honest and objective, but more importantly it I took it as a working outline of how the average (see: mainstream) user views Ubuntu.

Canonical to Provide Optimized Ubuntu OS Layer for VMware Virtual Appliances

VMWORLD/SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 11, 2007 – Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced the availability of its Ubuntu JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) edition.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 57

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #57 for the week September 9th - September 15th, 2007. In this issue we cover Dell's remastered Ubuntu 7.04 ISO, Andrea Veri becomes a MOTU, Ubuntu Finland delivers Ubuntu to Finnish parliament representatives, and, as always, much much more!

Update: Dell’s Ubuntu Strategy

So far, so good. That statement sums up Dell’s current desktop Linux strategy, which focuses heavily on the Ubuntu operating system from Canonical. Even so, Dell representatives are careful not to hype the machines. Here’s why.

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