Multiplying your server - Ubuntu server and virtualization

One of the hottest new technologies for servers is virtualization, which allows you to install multiple instances of one or more operating systems on one machine. This is ideal especially for servers with a low average load because, instead of configuring a separate physical box for every single instance of an operating system you need, you just run multiple instances of one or more operating systems on one machine.

The Free Software Foundation's "High Priority" List: A Key Guidepost

Every couple of years, someone compiles a list of programs that GNU/Linux needs to compete on the desktop. For example, in early 2006, Novell conducted a survey of the applications that people most wanted ported to the platform.

New Flash player for Linux adds great features, slows playback

t's good news, bad news situation when it comes to Adobe's new Flash player for Linux:

Music Players Under Linux That Doesn’t Suck?

I’m a big fan of Linux and Open Source. I abandoned Windows back in January, and haven’t looked back since. In fact, the only machine running Windows in this entire house is the acting-HTPC, due to having an ancient graphics adapter that refuses to display through TV-out under Linux. Whenever that gets upgraded, Mythbuntu will be the OS of choice there.

But there’s one area that seems to keep annoying me within the Open Source-community. That particular area is the area of MP3/Media-players. I don’t have very high demands as far as playing movies go, but I do have some fairly specific wishes when it comes to playing my MP3’s.

Eight features you didn’t know about in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has caused GNU/Linux based operating systems to have many reviews recently, most concentrating on the more flashy parts such as the infamous rotating cube or wobbly windows provided by compiz fusion, rather than the things that actually make it such a enjoyable operating system to use.

Nemo file manager organizes around a calendar

Nemo is the latest effort to provide a new paradigm for file managers. Its approach, at least in its first early development release, is to combine file management with calendar views. Questions remain, however, about whether the concept will scale, and whether it is an improvement on traditional file managers, or simply different.

Update BIOS of Dell laptop with Ubuntu

Good news for Dell laptops owners: latest BIOS images can be loaded with Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS! It was announced at official Direct2Dell blog by Matt Domsch.

Hotwire - graphical terminal for Ubuntu

Hotwire is a graphical shell intended to replace the interactive command execution portion of a typical Unix shell. It includes much of the functionality found in the combination of a terminal emulator, a shell, and core utilities like ls and grep.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 69

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #69, for the week December 2nd - December 8th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover Packaging Jams, MPAA being forced to remove the University Toolkit, Kubuntu Tutorials Day, an Ubuntu Forums interview, and as always, and much much more!

Malacious help on Linux!

Last week, I read a few articles on how the forums on Linux/Ubuntu are fooling the users. Through a malacious help, these so called 'helpful' souls are actually taking the poor hapless users for a ride. The article examines this problem and a few steps to combat this growing menace of malacious help.

Encrypt your /home this Christmas: part one - background

Laptops can get lost and stolen. Besides the inconvenience and cost of replacing it, there is the potential for your personal data to end up in the hands of an identity thief.

Mozilla, Opera look to make video on the Web easier

New features in the Firefox and Opera browsers could make it less complex and cheaper for people to incorporate video into their Web sites, representatives of Mozilla and Opera say.

Webrunner becomes Mozilla Prism

The Mozilla-based, single-site "Web app" browser Webrunner, which we covered in July, was rebranded Mozilla Prism in October and moved to the Mozilla Labs site. Initially, Prism was only available for Windows, but Mac and Linux builds are now available.

Top 15 Linux Games

I am passionate gamer, really. During holidays, I do more gaming than anything else. My gaming experience spans many-many open-source and Linux games. I am pretty sure that, like me, many of you might have also tried these games.

Digitalizing vinyl discs

I recently became interested in the topic of digitalizing vinyl discs to copy the music my family had in that format to a digital storage like the hard drive in my PC, an iPod or a CD. Doing it is actually very simple, but the amount of specialized devices, some of them with very steep prizes, cables and connectors make it look much harder.

Watch some TV with TED

Has the television writers' strike left you with hours of spare time and no way to fill it? Well, put down that book and put the running shoes back in the closet, because TED is here to help. TED is the torrent episode downloader, an open source, cross-platform tool that simplifies the tedious process of searching for torrent files.

Opinion: Another Way for Ubuntu to Get Ahead

One of the new planned new features of the upcoming release of Ubuntu, Hardy Heron, is a fresh new theme. That’s right, no more brown and orange. While for many users just getting some nicer colors in to replace the “ugly” brown and orange is enough (I personally like the brown and orange a lot), I think the Ubuntu team should take this chance to get ahead of other distributions in another way.

10 Tips for Navigating More Efficiently in Firefox

If you use Firefox all day, as I do, you may have mastered a few of the navigational tools it offers, but there are a lot of them under the hood. You can be faster and more efficient with the browser if you learn some easy ways to use your mouse and keyboard to navigate. In this post, I’ll round up 10 tips for more efficient surfing. Quite a few of these will work in other browsers as well.

New plugins in Compiz Fusion

Compiz Fusion team has released 4 new plugins and couple of new features to Compiz Fusion. Here are they:

Why Dvorak? Comfort

One of the big advantages of typing in the Dvorak layout is the comfort that comes with it. It is estimated that you spend nearly 70% of your time typing on the home row, with only 30% of your time stretching for letters off of the home row. If that’s the case, then I should be able to type a great deal of words on the home row itself. Let’s see if that’s the case. Counting the number of words that I have on my Debian system, I get the following:

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