Nautilus Elementary Gets ClutterFlow Integration And Configurable RGBA

nautilus elementary


Share An Entire Dropbox Folder With Dropbox-Index

One annoying thing about Dropbox is that there is no option to share a whole folder from your Public directory so you must manually copy the link for each file you want to share. For this reason KosciaK created a python script called Dropbox-Index which creates an index.html with all the files in a certain folder

TestDrive Automatically Downloads And Runs The Latest Ubuntu Development Snapshot In A Virtual Machine

TestDrive is an Ubuntu application that is especially designed for non-technical users to easily download and run the latest Ubuntu development daily snapshot in a virtual machine.

How To Install Gloobus Flow (Clutter) With Nautilus Integration In Ubuntu

nautilus gloobus flow

Kupfer 1.0 Pandora's Box Released, Finally Adds The Famous Quicksilver "Comma Trick" And Global Hotkeys [Ubuntu .deb Download]

kupfer 1.0

Kupfer 1.0 Pandora's Box had been released. We haven't talked about Kupfer on Web Upd8 so I would like to introduce Kupfer first.

Gstyle Project: A New FULL Gnome Theme Manager

Gstyle is a new full Gnome theme manager with some really great features which I am sure you will love if you like to customize your Desktop look constantly. [...] Gstyle can show you how a theme (any kind of theme: icons, Emerald, Metacity, etc.) actually looks, not just a preview. You will see what I mean in the screenshots below.

Firefox 3.6 STABLE PPA

I still recommend using Swiftfox over Firefox, but if you really want to use Firefox, there is a PPA (many people might prefer this over the Mozilla Dai

How-To: Install Finch 2.6.5 in Debian Lenny

Finch is a powerful text user interface instant messaging client based on libpurple, and it comes included in the Pidgin source, the popular GNOME IM client.

How-To: Install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

Firefox 3.6 was released yesterday, after over six months since the last major release, version 3.5.

Script To Generate A XML Wallpaper File For Gnome

A while ago, we published an article on a script which generates an XML wallpaper set from the National Geographic 2009 wallpaper contest but what if you want to use differe

GDM 2 GUI Configuration Tool

gdm configuration tool

Upload Image To Imgur: Nautilus Actions Script

simple Nautilus Actions script to upload images to via right click.

2 Ways To Mount A Folder / Filesystem Through SSH

If you have access to a remote computer through SSH, but you're not very comfortable with the command line or for any other reason, you can mount a folder or the whole filesystem through SSH. This can be done in 2 ways:

How-To: Install Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 was released earlier this year, on December 17 at the Adobe MAX 2009. This release comes with several new features and numerous bug fixes.

How-To: Post to Twitter from Command-Line

This is a short tutorial explaining how to post to Twitter using command-line in Linux, without needing to even open up your web browser.

10 Useful Linux Commands

Here's a list of 10 commands which may come handy when using the command line in Linux:

Search for all files modified in the last N days containing a specific text in their name

find DIR -mtime -N -name "*TEXT*"

How To Build VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC) In Ubuntu

vlmc videolan movie creator

I finally got to build VideoLAN Movie Creator(VLMC) in Ubuntu so I though I'd share some basic steps in doing it.

Speed Dreams: TORCS Game Fork With New Features, Cars, Tracks And AI Opponents

Speed Dreams

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 Released

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 Released (Ubuntu installation instructions)

How To Get AWN 0.4 Edgy Mode

avant window navigator edgy mode


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