How-To: Compile and Install Wesnoth 1.6 from Source in Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.10

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game licensed under the GPL. After over one year of constant development, a new stable version, 1.6, was released on March 22, 2009, featuring many graphics and gameplay improvements.

20 Great Linux / Unix Terminal Commands (Command-line)

1. Brag about how much free RAM you have on Linux:


2. Where is that application I just installed (all directories)

whereis [app]

3. Disk space usage

Ubuntu Newbie Guide: Install Themes / Emerald [part 6]

You see cool themes on almost all screenshot of Ubuntu all over the internet but don't know how to do it. No worries, it can be done in no time. [...] But for the windows layouts, there's a much cooler way to handle this: using Emerald.

Ubuntu Newbie Guide: Compiz, How to Get the Cube and Mac-like Dock Bar (Avant Window Navigator) [part 4]

Before installing Ubuntu, almost everyone has seen the spinning cube or the classy MacOSX-like dock bar and many other effects (4 desktops with 2 caps) in some videos, but some didn't figure out how to enable/install/use them.

To understand better, this is the dock (look at the bottom of the image):

How to Install OpenOffice 3.0 in Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid (from repositories)

To install it for Ubuntu Intrepid, add the following repository (System > Administration > Software Sources, Third Party Software tab, click "Add"):

How to Add Twitter in Pidgin (Windows/Linux)

microblog-purple is a plugin for Pidgin that works both on Windows and Linux, that supports Twitter, Identica, and Laconica-base server through the conversation windows.

Install Firefox 3.1 beta 3pre in Ubuntu (from repositories)

To install Firefox 3.1 beta 3pre in Ubuntu, first you need to add a new repository. To do so, go to System > Administration > Software Sources, to the Third-Party Software tab and add this repository:

How To Set Up Internet Connection Sharing For Ubuntu

What you need for ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on Ubuntu:

-2 network cards on the computer the internet is coming from
-1 network cable (not crossover) to connect the two computers
-1 network card on the second computer (obviously)



Get the new notifications system from Ubuntu Jaunty to Ubuntu Intrepid

notifications system ubuntu

Correcting the Autopano-Sift Hugin Error in 8.10

Hugin is an excellent cross-platform panorama stitcher favored by many users of not only Linux, but also Windows. For Ubuntu 8.10 users, unfortunately, the program fails to work properly due to an error with autopano-sift.

Repository Generator

A few may still remember the Source-o-Matic. It was a really good tool to create a new sources.list file. Unfortunately the Source-o-Matic is no more. That's why I created another generator, which is now publicly available.

A Collection of Tips and Tricks for XChat, Part 1

XChat is a GTK client for IRC, available on both Linux and Windows. It is one of the most popular and feature-rich IRC clients on the Linux platform, together with Konversation and KVirc.

How-To: Compile and Install Code::Blocks from Source in Debian Lenny

Code::Blocks is a complete, cross-platform integrated development environment for C and C++, built using the wxWidgets toolkit. Code::Blocks is available on Linux, Windows and OS X, so you may find it useful on Linux if you switched and are already used to it or an IDE like Dev-C++, for example.

Speed up Firefox by mounting the profile in tmpfs [Linux only]

tmpfs is a virtual, RAM-backed filesystem. It’s lightning-fast, but since it’s RAM-backed, any file written to tmpfs uses precious memory while it’s there, and the entire contents of the virtual partition are lost on shutdown or crash. The good news is that these detriments can be minimized, making tmpfs a viable choice for your profile directory.

Export your Firefox 3.0 full profile to Firefox 3.1 (including all addons, themes, cookies, passwords, etc)

This article explains how to move a full profile (addons, themes, cookies, browsing history, passwords and so on) from Firefox 3.0.x to Firefox 3.1.x beta or any other version, but it also works for synchronizing Firefox on 2 different computers or backing up a full profile of Firefox.

Having trouble with your static / dhcp / wireless internet connexion in Ubuntu (and most linux distro’s)? Try Wicd

The Gnome Network Manager is really buggy and a lot of people are having trouble configuring the network connexion and getting it to work. Rather it’s wireless, static or dinamic ip, it’s just a pain in the a**.

How to install Firefox 3.1b2 in Ubuntu (from repo)

Go to System > Administration > Software Sources, to the Third-Party Software tab and add this repository:

Full story.

The Wonderful Joys Of SCREEN

Ever logged on via SSH to a machine and started a long running process and then realize that you need to shutdown your laptop and take it with you? Ever accidentally get get disconnected from an SSH session and lose hours of work? Ever started a command that's going to take longer than you expected and you want to do some other things while you're waiting?

Install OpenOffice 3.0 inside your Ubuntu 8.10!

Somehow, The Ubuntu Team has decided not to add the latest office products from Sun Microsystem. It's because 3.0 release schedule has slipped quite a bit. Just like The Ubuntu Team has said in this site . Well, that's not a big problem! I'm going to give you an easy method to install OpenOffice 3.0. Please do follow this simple tutorial.

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