Synapse (Launcher) 0.2.4 Released With New Plugins

Synapse, the cool new semantic launcher for Linux written in Vala and powered by Zeitgeist reached version 0.2.4 codename "Anandamide". This version brings new plugins: calculator, Launchpad plugin (find bugs and branches on Launchpad), Pastebin, Imgur (upload images) and a selection plugin (allows you to execute actions on currently selected text).

Gnome Shell And Zeitgeist

Gnome Shell and Unity may have started on separate paths, but they are definitely heading to the same direction. Seif Lotfy has just posted a screenshot (not mockup!) of his current work: Zeitgeist and Gnome Shell:

Latest Avant Window Navigator Gets Zeitgeist, Lucido Updates

Avant Window Navigator in the AWN testing PPA got the Zeitgeist applet demoed a few months back. But only starting today you can finally use the Zeitgeist applet with AWN:


Install The Sezen Applet (Zeitgeist Search) From A PPA [Ubuntu]

For all those who had problems compiling the Sezen Applet from source, we have set up the package in a PPA which will from now on hold git / non-released packages for different applications (for now it just holds the Sezen Applet and the required dependencies).

Improved Docky Zeitgeist Integration Makes You Forget You Have A File Manager


docky zeitgeist integration


Zeitgeist Slowly Becoming The Greatest Application Ever

Zeitgeist (and Activity Journal - previously Gnome Activity Journal) is getting some amazing new features.

Nautilus With Zeitgeist Integration Already Functional [How-to]

The Nautilus with Gnome Activity Journal integration was an idea introduced by Ian Cylkowski but it seems we'll not have Nautilus with Gnome Activity Journal, but with Zeitgesit (ZeitgeistFS to be more exact), like you can see in the video below (and the above screenshot).

Gnome Activity Journal 0.3.3 Released

Gnome Activity Journal 0.3.3 has been released today. This version brings some new views as well as bug-fixes:

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