Interview with Tom Wickline of Bordeaux Technology Group

Today we’ll be talking with Tom Wickline, leader of the Bordeaux Technology Group, a company specialized in development of Windows compatibility software, supporting Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, Solaris, OpenIndiana and Mac OS X.

A Guide to Wine on Ubuntu for Beginners

Wine is a compatibility layer which allows Windows applications to run on Linux by translating Windows system calls into native Linux calls.

You Can Finally Install Evernote (4) In Linux, Under Wine

Evernote is an application that allows users to collect, sort, tag and annotate notes and other miscellaneous information.

Configure Wine With Vineyard [Version 0.1.5 Beta, Released]

How To Disable The Spotify Tray (Notification Area) Icon In Linux

The Spotify tray (notification area) icon is well... useless and ugly, so I've removed it from my notification area and I though I'd share the "trick". Please note that I'm using the WINE (Windows) version of Spotify (so it might or might not work with the native Spotify client for Linux which you can currently use only if you're a paying subscriber).

Wine 1.2 RC1 Released

Wine 1.2 final will be released in June with 64 bit support. But the first Wine 1.2 release candidate is already out and it doesn't bring 64bit support just yet, but it does come with lots of improvements:

Wine 1.2 Will Get 64bit Support

A recent message on the Wine-devel mailing lists points out that Wine 1.2 will be released soon (in June) with 64-bit support.

Install WINE With Built-In Pulseaudio Support In Ubuntu

If you're experience bad sound with the default WINE package in Ubuntu and have Pulseaudio working, you should try the following WINE package (available in an Ubuntu PPA) which comes with built-in Pulseaudio support.

Get The New Spotify 0.4.3 To Work With Ubuntu w/ Wine (Facebook And Local Files Not Playing Fixes)


How To Make WINE Open Links In Your Default Linux Browser

I for one only use Wine for Spotify. But if you use it for some other applications, you will probably want to tweak the option which makes the links open in the default Wine browser instead of your default Linux browser (you might even not have a browser installed in Wine, right?).

How To Stream Videos (Any Format) To Your iPhone [Linux w/ WINE]

Today I read an article written at LifeHacker regarding how to stream any video to an iPhone using the Air Video Software.

Unsurprisingly, the software supports Windows and Mac only. I tested it out using windows, and it worked flawlessly. So I couldn’t wait to try to set it up using WINE on Linux.

PlayOnLinux 3.7 Released

PlayOnLinux is a free application that puts an easy to follow wizard style interface on top of WINE and contains some pre-installed scripts to help load a number of compatible applications and games.

Better WINE Management With Q4Wine

Q4Wine is a qt4 GUI for Wine (application which can be used to run Windows applications on Linux) which you can use to manage wine prefixes and installed applications.

Enable Smooth Fonts In WINE

WINE supports font smoothing, including subpixel since Wine version 1.1.12. The problem is, this feature is disabled by default. All you have to do is open a terminal and paste the following 2 commands:

Linux & Wine: Make uTorrent Default For Opening .torrent Files In Firefox

There are a lot of good BitTorrent applications for Linux, but some people just don't want to give up uTorrent because either they are too used to it or just because it actually works quite OK in Linux, under Wine. One major problem with using uTorrent this way is that Firefox doesn't open .torrent files with uTorrent, so you have to save the torrent file and then load it.

How-To: Compile and Install Wine 1.1.28 in Debian Lenny

Wine 1.1.28 was released on August 21 and it comes with new features and improvements like support for IRDA protocol, faster wineprefix creation, more image formats in WindowsCodecs and various other bug fixes.

Make Windows (Wine) Applications Integrate Better With KDE 4.2 / 4.3

3 Ways to Install Latest Wine in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

I decided to put up this guide which shows how to install the latest Wine release in Ubuntu 9.04 using 3 different methods.

Wine 1.1.10 has been released

What’s new in Wine 1.1.10 (see below for details):
- Support for virtual memory write watches.
- Workarounds for the WINAPI compiler bug on Mac OS.
- Several fixes for the 64-bit build.
- Some more GdiPlus functions.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Wine 1.1.7 Review - First Steps of Direct3D 10 Implementation

I think Wine is one of the most promising and useful applications, especially for those who need to run Windows programs in a Linux environment. A new development release is put up every two weeks or so, and improvements are visible from each version to another.

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