GNOME 3: How to Change the Wallpaper from Command-Line

The older way of doing this, with gconftool-2 doesn’t seem to work anymore in GNOME 3 – used to be something like: gconftool-2 –type string –set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename “/full/path/to/file.png”.

The Final Ubuntu 10.10 Default Wallpaper Is Available [Download]!

Like you all know, the community wasn't too happy with the wallpape

Preview And Download The New Ubuntu 10.04 Wallpaper

A recent Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) update just brought the new wallpaper which you've seen in the screenshots posted last night:

3 Lines Script To Automatically Change Your Wallpaper In Linux

There are maybe hundreds of applications which you can use to automatically change your desktop wallpaper, but is it worth using an application for such an easy task? You can do this with a 3 lines bash script. Let's get started!

Create A Wallpaper Based On Your last.fm Music Profile

For Linux, You must use Wallpaperfm.py, a Python script that generates desktop wallpapers from your last.fm music profile. It runs on Linux but should run just as well on Mac and Windows.


wallpaperfm linux


Automatic NASA Astronomy Wallpaper

If you enjoyed the real-time Earth wallpaper, you're going to like this one too: this is also a script (but a more advanced one) which changes automatically changes your wallpaper with a random picture from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Real-Time Earth Wallpaper For Linux

We already wrote about a wallpaper application for Linux which displays the current weather, moon phases and time of day based on your current location, in real time.

Automatically Change The Wallpaper Under Gnome with Desktop Drapes

Desktop Drapes is a simple wallpaper manager application for the GNOME desktop. It can automatically pick up any new wallpapers you have added to a directory and randomly change your wallpaper at regular interval, or whenever you fell like it.

Linux Wallpaper Application Based on the Weather, Moon Phase, Time of Day

Dynamic Wallpaper is a Linux application that displays a wallpaper in svg format on your desktop based on the weather, moon phase, time of day, etc. and it also supports themes.

For Ubuntu, you can find a .DEB package

Ubuntu Jaunty Alpha 6: 2 New Wallpapers and a New Boot Splash

After the new themes introduced yesterday, Canonical decided to update the boot splash screen (USplash) theme with a very nice one.

Fotowall - Make Wallpaper Collages from your Photos

Fotowall is a small application that allows you to make collages from your photos and export the result to use as a wallpaper on your desktop.

Get updated world weather maps as your desktop background in Ubuntu

Traditionally, I’ve never had the same wallpaper on any computer for more than a half hour at a time.  I like my wallpapers to rotate, since I’m surrounded by 3-4 computers at any given time and usually only working on 1 or 2 of them.  This way I can have nice pictures flying by to keep my perhipheral vision entertained and people walking past my window can marvel at the 3D art I have displayed.

Webilder 0.6.3 - wallpapers to your Linux desktop, directly from Flickr and Webshots

Webilder delivers stunning wallpapers to your Linux desktop, directly from Flickr and Webshots. You choose what keywords (tags) to watch for, and photos are automatically downloaded to your computer.

Loop Movie, Video, and Display Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper in Ubuntu

Want to loop a video clip or movie on your desktop? I did and found a nice little tool that does just that. First lets grab some essential building libraries via the terminal: Applications->Accessories->Terminal:

Move Background Images Folder in GNOME

It took a time where I needed to relocate my wallpapers directory to a sub-directory and I had stalled it because I knew this would break the Gnome themes i had made. But after looking at how Gnome themes are saved this isn’t a really a big deal.

Change Wallpaper Easily With Wallpapoz

Wallpapoz is an easy to use wallpaper changer application for GNOME. If you love to collect wallpapers, and like your desktop to change wallpaper at regular interval, then Wallpapoz is right for you.

25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers

I’ve noticed that Linux newbies take so much pride with their newly installed distro that they will most likely spend a lot of time searching the web for Linux-themed desktop wallpapers. So, I decided to provide here or share some of the best (in my own opinion) Linux wallpapers that I have collected before. I hope you will like a few of them, at least. Here are my "25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers" in no particular order:

Desktop Drapes - A Crazy Wallpaper Randomizer

Desktop Drapes is a nifty utility used to randomize your desktop wallpaper. You add a couple pictures to the list, tell it how long to set them for, and you'll get some instant freshness to your desktop.

Rotating Background per Time of Day in KDE

As you may or may not know, Fedora 8 introduced a nice feature in Gnome, called Infinity: changing the wallpaper image based on the current time. It was pretty nice to have a bright wallpaper at noon and a dark one at night. However, this feature wasn’t available for KDE as well so someone had to make it. And here it is.

Default Wallpaper for Ubuntu 7.10

The look of the default Ubuntu wallpaper has not changed much in the last few releases. As of now, this will be the default for the upcoming 7.10 release. You may notice like I did that it is darker than previous wallpapers. A few people are not liking it, this tread on the Ubuntu forums has been started to discuss the wallpaper choice.

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