Unity: Dash Gets A Cool New Previews Feature [Video] - Ubuntu 12.10 Development

A cool new feature has landed in the Unity Staging PPA, for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal: previews in Dash.

Things To Tweak After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Preise Pangolin has been released and many of you have already upgraded or plan on upgrading, so I've made yet another post that you'll hopefully find useful, with things that you may want to tweak, fix or install in Ubuntu 12.04.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta 2 Released [Screenshots, Video]

MyUnity 3.0 Released With New GUI, Quicklist Editor

MyUnity, a tool to customize Unity, has reached version 3.0. The new version brings a new user interface, full support for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin which includes some features that were recently added to Precise like hiding apps available for download from Dash, as well as some other new features.

The First Ubuntu 12.04 Beta to Be Released Next Week

According to a development update posted on Ubuntu Fridge by the Ubuntu developer Daniel Holbach, Ubuntu 12.04 is on its way to release the first beta next week, on February 29, after the user interface f

A New `Locally Integrated Menubar` Might Land In Ubuntu 12.04

It looks like a new "locally integrated menu" will make it into Unity, starting with version 5.6.0. There's basically no information about the new locally integrated menubar, except for two bug repor

Unity: Dash To Get Cover Flow Support [Ubuntu 12.04]

According to a branch that was recently approved for inclusion in Unity, it looks like Dash will be getting support for scrolling using a nice cover flow effect.

How To Move Unity Launcher To The Bottom Of The Screen [Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot]


Unity launcher bottom


Unity Google Docs Lens For Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot


Radiamentary Is A Beautiful GTK2/GTK3 Theme Based On Elementary And Radiance

Radiamentary is a Gtk2/Gtk3 theme based on Radiance and Elementary. The theme is especially designed for Unity and tries to provide a light, blueish Elementary feel for Ubuntu 11.10:

Window Controls For Maximized Windows Hidden By Default, More Updates [Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot]

Unity 4.10.2 was uploaded to the Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot repositories last night, bringing lots of changes. The most important change is that window controls are now hidden for maximized windows and are displayed on mouse over.

Unity Mail Gets GNOME Keyring Support, Graphical Configuration Dialog

Unity Mail is a Unity-specific application to display the email unread count on the Unity launcher. The application works with any IMAP4-compatible server, but the quicklists currently work with Gmail only.

gNatty: Ubuntu 11.04 Remaster With GNOME 3 (Includes Both GNOME Shell And Unity)

gNatty is an Ubuntu remaster based on Ubuntu 11.04 which includes GNOME 3.0 packages via the UGR (Ubuntu GNOME Remix) project as well as the ricotz/testing PPA.

Ubuntu Unity Keyboard Shortcuts Wallpapers

Can't remember all the Unity keyboard shortcuts? Then check out the AskUbuntu keyboard shortcuts thread - you'll find two wallpapers (one is also available in German) with most of the Unity mouse tricks / keyboard shortcuts:

Ubuntu 11.04 Switching Back To Classic GNOME By Default Instead Of Unity?

A message on the Ubuntu devel mailing list mentions that the current state of Unity will be brought up for discussion and if needed, the Classic GNOME Desktop may be default after all in Ubuntu 11.04:

"2 sided Unity Dock", Now A Reality [Video]

Remember the "2 sided Unity dock" mockups we've posted last week? Well, Andrea Azzarone (who's patch is also responsible for bringing configurable icon size for the Unity dock), has turned one of the 2 sided Unity docks mockups to reality and you can see it in action in the video below:

Unity 3.6.4 Brings Resizable Launcher, ALT + F2 Run Dialog, More [Ubuntu 11.04]

Unity 3.6.4 was uploaded to the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal repositories a few minutes ago, brining some features many of you were waiting for. Read on!

Unity "Two-Sided Dock" Mockup [Ubuntu 11.04]

There's a long thread on the Ayatana mailing list about the upper-left Ubuntu button in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04. Currently, this button will open Dash. But there are also two shortcuts in the launcher which trigger Dash (Applications / Files Places) which make the Ubuntu button redundant - this lead to some new ideas for the upper-left Ubuntu button behavior.

Unity 3.6.0 Comes With Option To Maximize Dash, Lots Of Bug Fixes [Ubuntu 11.04 Updates]

With a slight delay (of almost one day), Unity was updated to version 3.6.0 in Ubuntu 11.04. This update doesn't bring major changes but it fixes a lot of bugs making Unity a lot more stable. You can check out the full Unity 3.6.0 changelog, HERE.


Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity) Keyboard Shortcuts

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