XFCE 4.8 Ubuntu 10.04 And 10.10 PPAs

XFCE 4.8 was released about two weeks ago, bringing GVFS support for Thunar (so it can now browse remote shares using FTP, Windows Shares, WebDav and SSH), XFCE panel improvements and more.

Gnome Shell Daily Build (January 24th, 2011) Video

As requested by many of our readers, here is a video showing the latest GNOME Shell daily build (as of January 24th, 2011). There have been many changes to Gnome Shell since our last video, including the overview relayout (which is default for some time), notification changes, side-by-side tiling as well a functional notification area and many other changes.

How To Install Unity 2D (Qt) In Ubuntu From A PPA

2D Unity To Be Available As An Option In Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal [Screenshots]

"Does Natty's Unity require proprietary graphics card drivers?" was a question posted on AskUbuntu and who better to answer this question then Mark Suttleworth himself (who apparently is quite an active AskUbuntu user)?

Orta 1.4.0 Released, Atolm Gets A PPA And New Version [Theme Updates]

Orta GTK Theme


Good news for all the Orta fans: a new version has been released today with a new Nautilus Elementary style (configurable from the Orta Settings Manager) as well as many bug fixes. Here is the changelog for the latest Orta 1.4.0:

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10 Detects And Disables Broken Software Sources

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.10 was released today bringing mostly bug-fixes but also 2 new features:


- Automatically disable broken software sources


When you start Ubuntu Tweak, it disables broken software sources (PPAs, etc.) and notify the user to make it easy to fix:

Set Up Hot Corners For The Compiz Grid Plugin Using A Script

I've recently seen a screencast by gotbletu about setting up hot corners for the Compiz Grid plugin which is not hard to set up but it requires a lot of copying and pasting so I though I'd make a script to do everything automatically so to achieve exactly what you see in the video, all you have to do is run the script I've created.


Find Duplicate Songs In Your Music Collection With dupeGuru Music Edition

dupeGuru Music Edition is an application to find duplicate songs in your music collection by scanning the filenames or tags. It is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Install Speed Dreams 2.0 Alpha 2 In Ubuntu, Now With Multiplayer Support And Much More

Speed Dreams is an open source, multi platform (works on Windows and Linux) motorsport simulator. It's a TORCS fork that adds new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents and so on.

Install LibreOffice In Ubuntu From A Launchpad PPA

LibreOffice finally got a PPA so it's now a lot easier to install and stay up to date with the latest LibreOffice versions.

Boomerang: Start The New Year With A Simple, Clean And Lightweight GTK Theme

WebUpd8 reader Ghogaru has sent us a tip about a simple, clean and lightweight GTK theme he created called Boomerang.

TagPlayer: Play Local Music Based On Its Last.fm Tags

Wouldn't it be great if you could tune into your local music like you do with the Last.fm radio? TagPlayer, a new Linux music player does just that: it plays your local music by using its Last.fm tags.

Install Wingpanel From An Ubuntu PPA

For those who don't know, Wingpanel is a "super sexy space-saving top panel" created by the Elementary team that displays the Ubuntu indicators. Because it doesn't take the whole width of the screen and maximized windows go below it, it can save a lot of vertical screen space.

Atolm: A New, Great Looking Dark Theme Created By The Orta Designer

How To Test Ubuntu 11.04 With Unity In VirtualBox 4.0

Great news for those who want to try out the latest Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal with the Unity interface without booting a CD or Live USB - Unity now works in the latest VirtualBox 4.0. All you have to do to get Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity to work in VirtualBox 4.0 is to enable 3D Acceleration and obviously, install the VirtualBox Guest Additions. Read on!

Google Reader Indicator For Ubuntu

Lorenzo @ atareao.es has created yet another Ubuntu indicator: Google Reader Indicator, which you can use to take a quick look at your unread Google Reader items.


Install VirtualBox 4.0 (Stable) In Ubuntu, Via Repository

VirtualBox 4.0 has been released today. We've already covered what's new in VirtualBox 4.0 when the first beta came out so check out that post or the changelog for more info.


XBMC 10.0 "Dharma" Released With Built-In Addons System, VAAPI Support, Improved VDPAU, More

XBMC is a free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media for for Linux, OSX, Windows, and the original Xbox.


CADuntu (2D CAD Drawing Tool) Becomes LibreCAD, Gets Ubuntu PPA

CADuntu is a 2D CAD drawing tool based on the community edition of QCad ported to Qt4 and works natively on OSX, Windows and Linux.

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