"A New Start" (Theme Pack) 1.2 Brings Updated GTK And AWN Themes, Lots More

A New Start is a beautiful theme pack that was updated a few days ago. This is not just a GTK / Metacity theme - it comes with many customizations: Conky configuration, a coverGloobus theme, fonts, an AWN theme, Gnome panel and AWN backgrounds and even a Firefox Startpage.

Announcing The WebUpd8 Themes Ubuntu PPA

There are a lot of amazing GTK / Metacity / Emerald / Icon themes on Gnome-Look and Deviant Art but to get the latest version you must constantly check the site and manually download and install the new theme so I though it would be nice to set up an Ubuntu repository for the themes that I (and you) like and do not have a PPA.


"2 sided Unity Dock", Now A Reality [Video]

Remember the "2 sided Unity dock" mockups we've posted last week? Well, Andrea Azzarone (who's patch is also responsible for bringing configurable icon size for the Unity dock), has turned one of the 2 sided Unity docks mockups to reality and you can see it in action in the video below:

New Minty Freshness (GTK Theme) Version Brings Nautilus Elementary Support, Many Other Improvements

Minty Freshness is a new theme created by Skies Of Azel, the Orta theme developer, especially designed for Linux Mint Debian Edition (the theme could become the default LMDE theme).


Set Up Sparkleshare With Your Own Server

Last week we saw how to install Sparkleshare in Ubuntu from a PPA. As a reminder:


Sparkleshare is a tool to synchronize your files in the cloud - like Dropbox or SpiderOak - but unlike these, Sparkleshare is open source and allows you to use your own server. Sparkleshare uses GIT so if you delete/modify some files by accident, you can easily revert the changes.

Set All Applications To Use Overlay Scrollbars In Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal will get overlay scrollbars but for now the packages that provide this are available in a PPA and further more, you must use "export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=1" when launching an application to get overlay scrollbars.


Ubuntu Ambiance / Radiance Themes Are Now Borderless [Ubuntu 11.04 Updates]

Remember Borderless Elementary? It was quite a success and I'm not sure if that's where the Ubuntu devs got the idea from, but update today in Ubuntu 11.04 removes the borders for the Ubuntu "Light" themes:

Unity 3.6.4 Brings Resizable Launcher, ALT + F2 Run Dialog, More [Ubuntu 11.04]

Unity 3.6.4 was uploaded to the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal repositories a few minutes ago, brining some features many of you were waiting for. Read on!

Install Sparkleshare In Ubuntu Via PPA (Open Source Cloud Sync - Dropbox Alternative)

Sparkleshare is a tool to synchronize your files in the cloud - like Dropbox or SpiderOak - but unlike these, Sparkleshare is open source and allows you to use your own server. Sparkleshare uses GIT so if you delete/modify some files by accident, you can easily revert the changes. You can use it with your own server, GitHub or Gitorious.

Unity "Two-Sided Dock" Mockup [Ubuntu 11.04]

There's a long thread on the Ayatana mailing list about the upper-left Ubuntu button in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04. Currently, this button will open Dash. But there are also two shortcuts in the launcher which trigger Dash (Applications / Files Places) which make the Ubuntu button redundant - this lead to some new ideas for the upper-left Ubuntu button behavior.

Parcellite 1.0, PuddleTag 0.10.0 [WebUpd8 PPA Updates]

2 quick updates in the WebUpd8 PPAs:

gThumb 2.13.1 Released With 'Find Duplicates' Extension, More [PPA]

gThumb is an image viewer and photo manager for GNOME. It comes with options to edit photos, transfer photos from digital cameras and upload photos to popular websites such as Facebook, PicasaWeb, Photobucket, Flickr and more.

Firefox 4: Get Tabs In The Title Bar (Like Chrome)

If you like how Chrome displays the window controls (close, minimize and maximize buttons) next to the tabs and want this in Firefox, you'll be glad to know it's quite easy to achieve.

Ubuntu 11.10 Codename Announced: Oneiric Ocelot

Mark Shuttleworth has just announced the codename for the Ubuntu version after Natty - Ubuntu 11.10 will be codenamed "Oneiric Ocelot".

No More Compiz Desktop Cube Plugin In Unity [Ubuntu 11.04]

Do you use the Compiz Desktop Cube plugin? I don't use it so I didn't notice this but it seems you can't enable the Desktop Cube in Ubuntu 11.04 if you use Unity - a bug about this has been submitted but it was marked as "opinion" so it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed, at least not in Ubuntu 11.04:

Install Skype In Ubuntu 11.04 Via Repository

Starting with Ubuntu 10.04, Skype is available to install in Ubuntu via the official Ubuntu partner repository. However, this repository is not available if you upgrade to a new Ubuntu version that's still in alpha/beta/rc.


Elementary GTK Theme 2.1 Released

Elementary GTK theme version 2.1 was released today, bringing support for GTK3. Other changes include: dropped Aurora engine, the panel is now dark by default and bug fixes as well as a new Xfwm4 theme.

Fix Pink / Red YouTube Videos Bug Using Flash 10.2 In Ubuntu

A lot of people are experiencing red/pink tint on YouTube videos starting yesterday. The cause seems to be a combination of Flash 10.2, a recent YouTube change and the users graphics cards and seems to be browser-independent (can occur in Firefox 3.x, Firefox 4 beta as well as Chrome / Chromium). Here are some solutions which will hopefully fix the red YouTube videos bug.

Linux Mint 11 Will Use GNOME 3.0 By Default

As you probably know, Linux Mint 11 "Katya", the next Linux Mint version that will be based on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal will not use Unity by default. Well, as it turns out, Linux Mint 11 will move even further from Ubuntu and will ship with GNOME 3.0 by default, even though Ubuntu 11.04 will use Gnome 2.32.x.

Unity To Get Overlay Scrollbars [Ubuntu 11.04]

Christian Giordano has announced that Unity will get overlay scrollbars. This means the scrollbars will not be visible until you move your mouse over the side where the scrollbar used to be.

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