GIMP Save for Web plugin

Save for Web allows to find compromise between minimal file size and acceptable quality of image quickly. While adjusting various settings, you may explore how image quality and file size change. Options to reduce file size of an image include setting compression quality, number or colors, resizing, cropping, Exif information removal, etc.

How to toggle desktop icons on and off

If you like me like to have icons on desktop but sometimes need to just hide everything to better concentrate on what you’re doing you may like this little bash script I came out with. (warning: this post applies only to gnome)


You need a folder where to store this script (along with other scripts maybe), so make one or just use your home folder. So, open this folder and create an empty file. Call it toggle_desktop.sh or something like that. Open it with gedit and paste..

Ubuntu OEM Strategy Deserves Applause

Canonical's Ubuntu Netbook Remix strategy is gaining upbeat feedback from potential OEMs and Internet device makers. Here's the scoop from Works With U, the independent voice of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Netbook Strategy Faces Four Questions

Canonical's mobile Internet device strategy, based on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, faces four key challenges, according to Works With U, the independent guide to Ubuntu Linux.

Discover the Best Ubuntu Resources on the Web

Whether you are trying Ubuntu for the first time or you are a long-time Ubuntu power user, you will find in here a list of the best Ubuntu resources on the Web. You name it: websites, forums, wikis, blogs and podcasts. I'll update it whenever I discover a new resource, so keep your eye on it!

10min: Create Debian packages

Ever wanted to pack your scripts into .deb packages?

Here we go…

You need:

  • ‘devscripts’ package (over apt-get)
  • your script(s)
  • 10 minutes

What Linux distribution to chose?

Lots of people today are bored from Microsoft OS, so they want to change it. Most of them want to chose Linux, but isn’t so easy. In this moment Linux is on his best way to make “Linux World” where all computer users will use Linux OS. That is because today we have more 100 distributions.

How to install Ubuntu's world clock applet in Xubuntu

One of the visual improvements in this new version of Ubuntu is on the clock that sits on the Gnome panel. It now shows much more information. Apart from time and date, it now shows the weather conditions for your current location. It was disappointing to see that Xubuntu didn’t have it by default, so I have written a very easy and small guide on how to install it in Xubuntu.

10 must Have Ubuntu app

Day by day Ubuntu get more popular. Lots of new people installed for the 1st time and give it a try. But lots of them use Windows before start using Ubuntu. They don’t even know what property software to use. Here is the list of 10 must have Ubuntu applications who will help for better Ubuntu use.

Ubuntu 8.04: the real deal

Thoughts on a fresh upgrade to the new Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron

Best Greasemonkey and Stylish scripts

Best Greasemonkey and Stylish scripts (both are Firefox extensions).


Firefox 3 beta 5 reached Hardy’s repositories

Ubuntu users, Firefox 3 beta 5 (3b5) has reached Hardy’s repositories. Gutsy (and older versions) users, enable Hardy repo’s to upgrade it.

To be able to install the extensions that are not supported by this version of firefox (since the new addons website interface which sucks by the way), here’s what you must do to bypass it:


Ubuntu Linux Video Tutorial: Embedded Terminal into the Desktop

Ubuntu gets "hardier" with Hary Heron

An article explaining how the Hardy Heron release will affect Ubuntu

Ubuntu gets "hardier" with Hary Heron

An article explaining how the Hardy Heron release will affect Ubuntu

Another top 10 Firefox extensions

1. Nighty Tester Tools - It fixes extension compatibility (makes them all work with the latest firefox version), and adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Toolkit Seamonkey (umong other things).

2. Better GReader - This extension is for Google Reader, and it Compiles some of the best Greasemonkey user scripts and Stylish skins for Google Reader into one convenient interface.

Drastically Speed up your Linux System with Preload

From Techthrob.com:

Preload is an "adaptive readahead daemon" that runs in the background of your system and observes what programs you use most often, caching them in order to speed up application load time. By using Preload, you can put unused RAM to good work, and improve the overall performance of your desktop system. Best of all, it's easy to install and use!

10 Steps to Convert a Windows user to Linux

From Techthrob.com:

With Linux becoming more popular and easier to use, more and more people are adopting it as their primary operating system. But the transformation from Windows user to Linux user can be a tough road to take. Most new users become long-term users because they have friends that introduce Linux to them. Here are 10 steps to convert a new Linux user

Measuring Ubuntu's Boot Performance

In this article, we are looking at Ubuntu's boot performance for the past five releases through the use of Bootchart for measuring its boot time, disk throughput, and the running processes.

GnuCash - Keep Your Cash (or lack thereof) in Order

GnuCash is a personal finance and accounting application created to keep you crazy organized. It can do simple things like recording expenses and take care of register transactions, but it can also handle tracking bank accounts, income, and a slew of financial instruments and derivatives.

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