Lightweight IM Client CenterIM Runs in a Terminal

CenterIM is a lightweight IM client for Linux. Actually, CenterIM is very but very lightweight because it runs in a terminal, but still it has almost all the features you may want in a instant messaging client. It supports all the major protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, IRC, Jabber, etc. and also it has a built-in RSS feed reader.

Ubuntu Jaunty Notification System for Skype

This script notifies you when a contact comes online, goes offline, sends you a message, when they have a birthday soon or when a file transfer is completed.

Gnome Ultimate Edition Theme Pack for Ubuntu

Gnome Ultimate Edition Theme is an impressive theme pack which completely changes the Ubuntu look.

Among the things included in this pack are:

New Ubuntu Intel Graphics Drivers

There is hope for Ubuntu users with Intel graphics. As it appears, the current 2D drivers solve most of the recent graphics problems with Intel chips, according to Ubuntu developer Bryce Harrington in a developer mailing list. Jaunty users should profit it from them as well.

Showtime: Complete Ubuntu Theme

If you remember about the great 9 complete Ubuntu themes that also had a repository to install them (and for updates) and liked them, you may want to know that the author (zgegblog) released yet another great theme called Showtime.

Easy Folder Synchronization for Linux: SynchroRep

SynchroRep is an intuitive applications which allows you to easily synchronize two folders. This is usefull principaly for nomads who work with a laptop or usb key but may interest also users who want making differencial backup to gain time.

Encrypt Conversations in Pidgin on Debian, Ubuntu and Derivatives

Pidgin, the well-known multi-protocol and cross-platform instant messaging client does not encrypt archives so everyone can read them if they know where they are placed on your hard drive. And it's quite easy to find them, on Linux they are in:

DockbarX: Experimental Dockbar for Linux

DockbarX is a taskbar with grouping and group manipulation with some "experimental" features compared to Docbark (it is not a fork of Dockbar, but a branch of DockBar holding new "experimental" features).

"Experimental" features (Features that aren't in DockBar 0.21):
- New look for popups.

Make Qt / KDE Applications Integrate Better with Gnome

QGtkStyle makes your Qt/KDE programs look similarly to GTK ones. But there were no easy .debs for a long while so I searched everywhere and found deb files for Ubuntu on the ubuntuforums.

Banshee 1.5.0 Has Been Released!

Banshee 1.5.0 (aka 1.6 beta 1), the great Linux and Mac OSX music player, has been released and it includes tons of bug fixes and new features. It is the result of six months work by more than 30 contributors.

Ubuntu Moblin Remix was Officially Announced

Computex Taipei, the second largest computer exhibition in the world, starts today and Canonical is enjoying a lot of attention for the third year in a row. On this occasion, the company made several exciting announcements regarding its popular Ubuntu Linux distribution.

50 Great Looking Gnome Themes

See them all here.

How to Install and Configure Conky-Colors Plus (Light-weight System Monitor for X)

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop but it's quite difficult especially for beginners to set up.

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala New Goal: Boot in Less than 10 Seconds

The Ubuntu development team has decided to change the plans and not include Plymouth technology for Ubuntu 9.10, which means they will keep the current USplash system. ...

Reverting the Xorg (Video) Intel Driver of Jaunty to 2.4 (of Intrepid)

We already posted 2 solutions to help you with the Intel graphics driver in Ubuntu Jaunty and those 2 workarounds helped a lot of people:

1. By whitelisting the Intel driver

Docky: Move it To the Top of the Desktop, Add a MacOSX-like "Genie" Effect and Customize the Icons Zoom

Docky, the new GNOME Do interface in the form of a dock, is getting more and more used and causes sensation among GNU / Linux users.

Exaile (Music Player) 0.3.0a2 Released

Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python, quite similar to Amarok. It incorporates automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, Last.fm submission support, and optional iPod support via a plugin.

Pidgin-Webkit Plugin: Adium Conversation Styles for Pidgin


Click'n'Backup or How Mandriva Made a Fool Out of Ubuntu One

Ever since the launch of Ubuntu One there has been a lot of speculation about it..

Download Themes for Your Gnome Desktop with Gnome Art

Gnome Art is an art website which allows you to download and install various items such as icons, backgrounds, desktop themes, login window theme and gtk engine. This website comes with a very interesting application which is in the Ubuntu repositories. If you want to install it, run this in a terminal:

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