Ubuntu vs PcLinuxOS

PCLinuxOS vs. Ubuntu: Picking the Best Distro

First off, I'm by and large a full-time Ubuntu user. However, I'm also one of their most vocal critics for becoming so detached from their core market as well. In response, I have used both operating systems and it has been interesting to see how each deals with the issue of usability for the casual user.

Is Ubuntu losing its crown to PCLinuxOS?

Quick. Name the most popular Linux distribution. You probably guessed Ubuntu, Suse or Mandriva ... but what then? Which other Linux distributions are likely to make a top ten list?

Ubuntu VS PcLinuxOS on Google Trends

I really dont see why distrowatch.org is reporting that PCLinuxOS is more popular, id think the worlds top search engine stats should be actively on Distrowatch.org instead of there pathetic rating system...

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