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Ubuntu OEM Strategy Deserves Applause

Canonical's Ubuntu Netbook Remix strategy is gaining upbeat feedback from potential OEMs and Internet device makers. Here's the scoop from Works With U, the independent voice of Ubuntu.

UME (Ubuntu Mobile) testing

As you may know, the Ubuntu team is working on a mobile version of the OS for mobile internet devices. But because there isn’t much of this hardware around, the UME builds don’t get the natural community testing that the desktop and server editions do. But if you are interested there is a way you can help!

Ubuntu Mobile On It’s Way?

Intel’s new Silverthorne and Diamondville processors are due to be released sometime during the second quarter of this year, according to this article on Computerworld. The chips are built and specialized to run Linux.Ubuntu Mobile Edition is made for this platform, and has been built in collaboration with both Nokia and Intel.

Matt Zimmerman on Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile is one of the most promising flavour for Canonical distro. It will run on different devices such tablet pc, Intel MID, UMPC and, probably, lost more.

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