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Because there are many Twitter clients out there, we asked you to nominate the best Twitter client in a comment on a post last week. Today, you all get to vote for the best Linux Twitter client based on your nominations (top 5 nominations).

Twitter's OAuthpocalypse Today - Upgrade Your Gwibber!

Today is Twitter's OAuthpocalypse: Twitter is shutting down basic authentification so all clients not using OAuth will stop working and one of these Twitter clients is Ubuntu's default microblogging clien

Turpial 1.3.2 Beta 2 Released, Finally Fixes The Crash On Exit Bug [Twitter Client For Linux]

Turpial is a great Twitter client for Linux which we covered bef

Use Twitter Like An IM Protocol With Prpltwtr [Pidgin, Empathy - Includes Saved Searches, More!]

Prpltwtr is a Pidgin (or Empathy) plugin which makes Twitter feel a lot like an IM: you can see yo

Buzzbird: Lightweight Linux, Windows And Mac OS X Twitter Client [Version 0.7 Released]


Twitter from command line, server automatic tweets

I like to do almost everything from the command line, listen to music using mpg123, read email with alpine, etc.

Now I started to tweet from command line.


Pino (Linux Twitter Client) 0.2.0 Released, Gets Experimental Support

New in Pino 0.2.0:

  • Experimental support
  • Multi account support
  • Conversation view

How-To: Post to Twitter from Command-Line

This is a short tutorial explaining how to post to Twitter using command-line in Linux, without needing to even open up your web browser.

Pino: Lightweight Twitter Client For Linux

Pino is a Linux twitter client written in Vala and designed to be simple and fast.

Install Mozilla Raindrop In Ubuntu Karmic

When Google firstly presented it's Google Wave, everybody though it was going to be a web client to integrate email, Twitter, RSS and basically... everything. If you are using Google Wave, you found out on your own that Google Wave is not for that.

Twidge: Command Line Twitter Client For Linux

Twidge is a command-line microblogging client for Twitter and It is designed to be useful when you're sitting at a shell prompt.

While I prefer TTYtter, Twidge may be easier to use and also can be install with just one command.


OOoTwitter: Post To Twitter From

To post to Twitter from within, you'll be needing the following OpenOffice macro: download.

TTYtter Is A Complete Twitter Client Which Runs In a Console


Gwibber 2.0 Prototype Released

Gwibber is an open source microblogging framework and desktop client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK+. The Gwibber backend is a stand-alone daemon that manages updates and retrieves stream data from social networks.

Gwibber currently has support for the following services:

* Twitter

How to Add Twitter in Pidgin (Windows/Linux)

microblog-purple is a plugin for Pidgin that works both on Windows and Linux, that supports Twitter, Identica, and Laconica-base server through the conversation windows.

Four Twitter clients for Linux

Twitter is a social networking platform that keeps you in conversation by allowing you and your friends to follow each others' updates. The service lets users post and read 140-character updates, called tweets. With Twitter, you can do social networking on the fly, from your mobile phone or at your desktop, from a Web browser or a Twitter client. Twitter clients make the service more usuable by automatically checking for updates from your friends and allowing you to easily post your own updates. I tested four Twitter clients for Linux on a desktop running Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

Twitter Clients For Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

In this article I will show how to install and use two clients for the popular microblogging platform Twitter on an Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. The first one is Twitux, the second Twitter client is gtwitter. Both clients have similar features, so it is up to you which one you want to install.

Six Twitter clients for the Linux desktop and one for the road

Twitter is a popular social networking utility that's gaining popularity as a micro-blogging tool. Registered users can post messages -- also called Tweets -- via the Web interface, but many prefer to use desktop applications that offer additional functionality and move Tweeting out of the browser entirely.

Twitux - a GNOME Twitter client

Microblogging service Twitter is ever popular, and is a great way for keeping in contact with your friends in real time and seeing what they are up to. What makes Twitter what it is though, is the ability to update your status and receive messages on all sorts of devices, as well as the web interface. Twitux is a native GTK/Gnome client for Twitter.

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