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I bought a pair of 3D Glasses, and while looking to see those cool images/movies, I've discovered a plugin for Compiz, which enables Anaglyph for a window or for the entire screen. The effect it's kind of cool, but it's sad that they created this in 2008, and since then there isn't any change.... Perhaps Ubuntu will come in the future with it's own 3D mode.. who knows. .?

Google Chrome 5.0.372.0 Beta available for Ubuntu

Google has announced the release of a new update to Google Chrome in the Beta channel. Google Chrome 5.0.372.0 Beta has been pushed for Linux users ahead of the Windows and Mac builds in order to address an SSL issue.

How to Install Picasa 3.6 in Ubuntu

I'll start with a sad announcement made by Google

Although Google released Picasa 3.0 for Linux, a company spokesperson said that version 3.5 is only being released for Mac and Windows due to low adoption of Picasa 3.0 among Linux users.

It's kind of sad, because as much I enjoy the Linux's software variety, Picasa is irreplaceable from my point of view. The latest version ported to Linux is 3.0, and.. the latest Windows version is 3.6 which have cool features like face recognition and lots of bugs fixed. I really don't understand why is so hard to maintain the Linux version because even the version installed from Google's repository is emulated with Wine (and probably a little bit changed, but.. the hard work is done by Wine). Anyway, here's how you can have Picasa 3.6 (or the latest) in Ubuntu.

You can skip the first step if you have it installed on a Windows partition,or you can get the installation folder from another PC.

So… what is ureadahead?

From the first boot in Lucid Lynx, I've seen that while Ubuntu boots, there are some messages displayed in the upper-right, like:

fsck from (...)

init: ureadahead-other main process (...) terminated with status 4

Fixing Firefox's "do this automatically for files like this from now on" checkbox

As I think you already know, it's annoying to see that Firefox ignores you when you tell him that you want ALWAYS to use THIS program from now on. (i'm speaking about the checkbox of Firefox's download manager, do this automatically for files like this from now on). I've edited the preferences, the mime types, but without any luck..

FreeDC++, a better LinuxDC++

Although I’m a fan of LinuxDcpp, today i’ve found an alternative of it, a better one I could say: FreeDC++. This is a fork of LinuxDc++, which seems to be more active, and it has more features.


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