Tips on How to Start Learning Linux

I think Linux users can basically be divided into average users and users who will put time into learning, who are passionate about Linux and eventually are amateur or professional programmers. The average users only want their software to work, and will use the system to accomplish various tasks and not bother with the way things work since they will not need this information.

Linux Cheat Sheet

Linux cheat sheet, including general commands, one-liners, Bash tips, system calls.

8 More Bash Tips for Working Faster With the Shell

This is the second article in this series, and brings eight additional tips for working faster with the shell. Here is the first article of the series, containing 10 tips.

20 Popular Command-Line Tips for Linux

Take a screenshot in command-line Taking a screenshot in command-line is very easy using the import, which is included in the ImageMagick suite. To take a screenshot of a single window use:

10 Bash Tips for Working Faster With the Shell

Here are 10 Bash tips which should make working in a terminal faster and more productive.

Collection of 18 Popular APT & DPKG Tips for Debian and Ubuntu

This is a guide containing the most popular and useful ways of using the APT and DPKG commands, and it applies to both Ubuntu and Debian (and their derivatives). I mentioned where super user privileges are required, the ones without a mention can be executed as normal user.

Make ./configure Tell You Everything Missing Or Failed

When trying to compile something from source in Linux, there may be lots of dependencies missing. Running the ./configure command will only tell you one missing dependency. Then you must run ./configure again, install another missing dependency, run it again and so on.

5 Simple Bash Tips, Part III

This is the third article in the Bash tips series, you can find the other two here and here.

6 Bash Productivity Tips

1. Use !!
Typing !! followed by Enter will bring back and execute the last command (same as Ctrl+P followed by Enter).

2. Use Emacs-like shortcuts

A Collection of Tips and Tricks for XChat, Part 1

XChat is a GTK client for IRC, available on both Linux and Windows. It is one of the most popular and feature-rich IRC clients on the Linux platform, together with Konversation and KVirc.

Discover the version of Ubuntu you are working on

Normally you know which version of a given distro you are running if you are on your machine, but what if you are on a rented server, or a friend's machine.

If you want to know which version of Debian or Ubuntu you are running, you can always check the /etc/apt/sources.list there you will see the version you are running but a better way is to run this on a terminal:


5 Useful Tips to Customise Firefox 3

Firefox is the most popular application for viewing web pages on Linux, being the browser of choice for over 70% of the Linux users. In this article I will explain 5 of the most useful and used tips in Firefox, together with screenshots where I considered necessary.

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