10 Free, Open-Source Replacements for Commercial Applications

This is an overview providing 10 Linux open-source replacements for various commercial power tools, most of them available only on Windows.

Thunderbird Made Default In Ubuntu 11.10, Final Default Email Client Decision Not Yet Taken

According to a recent change, Thunderbird is now the default email client in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, replacing Evolution. The update should be available for Oneiric users in a few hours.

Thunderbird Stable PPA Updated With Thunderbird 5.0 For Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10 And 10.04 Users

Thunderbird 5.0 hasn't been officially released, but is already available in the Thunderbird Stable PPA.

Thunderbird 5.0 brings a new addons manager (Firefox-style), native NotifyOSD notifications, tabs can be reordered and dragged to different windows, the account creation wizard has been improved and many other improvements and bug fixes.

How To Backup Gmail Using Thunderbird

Gmail had some issues a few days ago and reseted some email accounts so many people now want to backup their Gmail account(s). I got this request by email so I though I'd suggest a very simple way to backup your Gmail account: using Thunderbird.


Thunderbird Indicator Adds Folders Support

Download Thunderbird 3.1 Ubuntu .DEB

If you found the Ubuntuzilla way of installing Thunderbird 3.1 in Ubuntu a bit too hard, here is a .deb file you can download and install Thunderbird 3.1 in Ubuntu.

Best Linux Email Client

So what's the best Linux email client? The 5 contenders are: Mutt, Evolution, KMail, Thunderbird and Claws Mail. Vote below:

Install Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 2 In Ubuntu


Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 1 Released (And How To Install It In Ubuntu Linux)

Mozilla released the first beta of the new Thunderbird 3.1 codename Lanikai.

Lanikai Beta 1 is built on top of the Gecko 1.9.2 platform. Notable changes include:

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Beta 4 Released

Mozilla has released a new preview version of their desktop email application in the form of Thunderbird 3 Beta 4, adding a new email search, smart folders, and more.

Eudora - An Improved Thunderbird [Email Client]

Eudora is a mail and news application from Qualcomm based on the open source

Essential Thunderbird add-ons

What's your normal routine when you log on in the morning? It's probably something along the lines of: pour cup of coffee, fire up Thunderbird, check your email, check your other email accounts that Thunderbird can't access, pour another cup of coffee. Well, here are a few Thunderbird extensions that may make your mornings go a little more smoothly.

Encrypt and digitally sign mails with Thunderbird and GPG

Encrypt and digitally sign your mails with GPG, Thunderbird and Enigmail on Ubuntu 8.04. If you don’t know, what GPG is, read the introduction from the GPG mini Howto, it won’t take long.

Install Thunderbird and Enigmail, start Thunderbird and create or add an email address. For the following operations, navigate to: OpenPGP -> Key Management

Add faceted search to Thunderbird with Seek

Do you struggle to keep tabs on your Thunderbird inbox? The SIMILE Seek extension might be the answer to your problems. The extension adds faceted browsing to Thunderbird, which allows you to search and manage your email messages in a radically different way than you are used to.

10 Thunderbird add-ons I can’t live without

With moving my workload to two laptops (one for work, on OS X and one for play, on Linux), you invariably have issues with being as productive as you should be in the software that you use. I dumped Apple after about 2 weeks of solid usage (more on that, at another time), for Mozilla Thunderbird. It isn’t free of warts, but with the excellent plug-in architecture, it surely helps. Here are some plug-ins (add-ons in Mozilla speak) I can’t live without.

How do I backup Thunderbird mail and profile under Linux

Mozilla thunderbird stores your email and profile setting in a special directory called ~/.mozilla-thunderbird i.e. /home/you/.mozilla-thunderbird/. All you have to do is backup this directory.

Get Your Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird for Free

If you've switched from Yahoo! over to Gmail because you prefer to read your email in a desktop client such as Thunderbird, you probably are wondering how you can do the same thing with Yahoo! for free.

Setting up Gmail IMAP Support in Thunderbird (1.5 or 2.x)

Gmail's IMAP support is one of the biggest things to hit the webmail world since, well, Gmail. We've already covered how to use imap from Outlook, and now it's time to show everybody how to use it from the open-source Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Mozilla drops $3m on new company to develop Thunderbird

Mozilla announced plans this week to sink $3 million into a new Mozilla Foundation project designed to enhance the Thunderbird mail client. Early reports indicate that the as-yet-unnamed newly formed company will focus on positioning Thunderbird for use in Internet communications, including Web-based email, IM, and SMS.

Ubuntu with Microsoft Exchange

In this imnotsurehowmanypart series, ill take you through my Ubuntu experience in corporate America, and give you some hopefully helpful tips to make it through the day without booting Windows, as I have been able to do for well over a year now. I found that the software i use most on a daily basis is my email client, and thats where im going to start.

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