7 Beautiful DockBarX Themes

[...] DockbarX is a taskbar with grouping and group manipulation for Linux.

Google Wave Gnome Theme

After we've seen a Chrome-like theme for Gnome, now it's time for a Wave GTK theme which is inspired by the new Google Wave interface and comes with two metacity themes: default and rounded.

Gnome Theme Which Changes Automatically, Depending On The Time Of Day

Based on the Ubuntu Sun concept and New Wave, Narfss has created a Gnome theme for which the titlebar (Metacity only) changes automatically depending on the time of day (dawn, noon, evening and night).

GTK Themes Performance Tests

GtkPerf is an application designed to test GTK+ performance. The point is to create common testing platform to run predefined GTK+ widgets (opening comboboxes, toggling buttons, scrolling text etc.) and this way define the speed of device/platform.

Use Adium Themes In Pidgin [Ubuntu Karmic Koala]

adium message style pidgin


10 New / Recently Updated Emerald Themes

Perfection Window Decoration:

emerald theme

Fedora 11:

emerald theme fedora 11


13 New / Recently Updated Ubuntu (Gnome) Themes [18.11.2009]

1. HumanGraphite

Ubuntu Gnome themes

2. BlackBird

Ubuntu Gnome themes

3. Karmic X

Empathy: Use Adium Conversation Themes [Linux]

another adium theme  in empathy

Epidermis Theme Manager For Linux Automatically Downloads and Installs Themes

Epidermis theme manager is an open source GTK application for managing, automatically downloading and installing themes of various types, in order to transform the look of your Ubuntu desktop, from the moment you turn it on until the moment you turn it off.

Bisigi Gnome Themes Updated For Ubuntu Karmic Koala

You do remember the 9 (then 10 - one was created later) Gnome themes for Ubuntu which are part of the Bisigi Project, right?

12 Gnome / Ubuntu Themes [Recently Updated]

Install The Proposed Community Themes For Ubuntu Karmic Koala, In Ubuntu Jaunty Or Karmic

There have been proposed quite a few themes for Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 and if you want to install them all in Ubuntu Jaunty for instance, you can just do:

10 New Gnome (GTK 2.x) Themes

Moon Buggy

Moon Buggy gtk 2.x theme

Moon Buggy Alpha runs on Jaunty using the murrine engine 0.90.3. Optionally for increased contrast and definition use the included "gnome color chooser" theme file .gnomecc.

Comes with:

GTK 2.x theme

2 New Themes for Ubuntu

Silent Night

4 Beautiful, Recently Updated Compiz Emerald Themes

If you don't know how to install Emerald themes, visit our Ubuntu Newbie Guide, Part 6 which covers this subject.

20 Ubuntu GDM Themes Worth Checking Out

To install a GDM theme in Ubuntu, simply go to System > Administration > Login Window and select the tab called "Local".

5 Beautiful, Recently Updated Ubuntu Themes

2. Raysys QDark

Raysys QDark


Gnome-Art NextGen - Icons, Themes, Wallpapers, Splash Screens and Grub One Click Install

Gnome-Art Next Generation is the successor of Gnome-Art and lets you change your Gnome-themes (icon-, wallpaper-, splash-,...-themes) with one click. It is in an early stage and under development but it looks very promising already.

50 Great Looking Gnome Themes

See them all here.

Download Themes for Your Gnome Desktop with Gnome Art

Gnome Art is an art website which allows you to download and install various items such as icons, backgrounds, desktop themes, login window theme and gtk engine. This website comes with a very interesting application which is in the Ubuntu repositories. If you want to install it, run this in a terminal:

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