Bisigi Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Themes Move To The Stable PPA; More News

bisigi themes

The beautiful Bisigi themes were available for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx users in a testing PPA. Well, today the themes have moved to the main PPA.

Nautilus Elementary Breadcrumbs For Any Theme

WebUpd8 reader gnaag (amazing hack, thank you very much!) created a hack to use breadcrumbs in Nautilus Elementary 2.30 with any theme:

Install The Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Bisigi Themes In Karmic

aquadreams ubuntu theme


New Gstyle (Gnome Theme Manager) Version And Ubuntu PPA


Bisigi Themes Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Testing PPA (And Lots Of Updates)

bisigi airlines theme screenshot


Light-themes, Ubuntu-mono Packages Updated In Ubuntu Lucid

The "light-themes" and "ubuntu-mono" (monochrome icons) have recently been updated in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid.

The latest ubuntu-mono brings package-supported icons with new logo for software-center, synaptic, new logos to distributor-log as well as a new logo for GDM:

Ambiance And Radiance Themes No Longer Need Special Fixing After Today's Update [Ubuntu]

The Ubuntu light-themes: Ambiance and Radiance got an update today which finally fixes the border around the Metacity buttons, meaning you can now place them in any order without the need to edit the theme in GIMP to fix the border around the maximize button.

Ubuntu 'light-themes' Package Released, Brings Lots Of Improvements And Bug Fixes

ubuntu light themes

Elementary Gnome Theme Updated, Now More Gorgeous Than Ever!

A new version of the Elementary gnome theme has been released in the Elementaryart PPA. There were some previews of this new update, but only now the theme has been officially updated.

It was mainly the Metacity theme who has been redesigned, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Ubuntu Lucid Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) Available In A PPA

Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) - click me if you haven't seen the themes yet - will probably be updated lots of times until Lucid Lynx is released.

Almost Official: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Will Have The Window Buttons On The LEFT!

ubuntu light left corner metacity theme

Update On The New Ubuntu Themes [Dark And Light]

This is an update on the New Ubuntu Theme(s), Boot Splash, Logo Revealed (And More!) post which I'm sure will make many people happy.

Dustin Kirkland, a Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server for Canonical posted some screenshots with Byobu and the new Ubuntu Light and Dark themes.

New Ubuntu Theme(s), Boot Splash, Logo Revealed (And More!)

Like we told you a while back (well, actually Mark told you), Ubuntu 10.04 will get a new theme:


Firstly, I'm sure you can't wait to see the new Ubuntu theme. Ubuntu is Lightware:

New Wave, Dust And Dust Sand Gnome Themes, Updated In Ubuntu Lucid [w/ Karmic Download]

Some of the best Gnome themes: New Wave, Dust and Dust Sand have just been updated to the latest version in Ubuntu Lucid.

You probably already know these themes very well and there aren't too many visual changes but here are some screenshots anyway.

5 Amazing Gnome Shell Themes (And How To Install Themes In Gnome Shell)

Here are the fist (probably the first ever) 5 Gnome Shell Themes (download link at the end of the post):

Marine Gnome Shell Theme:

gnome  shell marine theme

AirLines: A New Bisigi Project Gnome Theme

If you're not new to Web Upd8, I'm sure you already know the beautiful Gnome themes from the Bisigi Project which come with an Ubuntu PPA for a one-command installation. Well, today a new theme has been released, called AirLines.

Gstyle Project: A New FULL Gnome Theme Manager

Gstyle is a new full Gnome theme manager with some really great features which I am sure you will love if you like to customize your Desktop look constantly. [...] Gstyle can show you how a theme (any kind of theme: icons, Emerald, Metacity, etc.) actually looks, not just a preview. You will see what I mean in the screenshots below.

Finestly Ying And Yang - Proposed Ubuntu Community Themes

Finestly Ying and Yang are 2 new proposed Ubuntu Lucid themes. Ying is a very dark theme and Yang - a very bright one, both using the Murrine engine and adjusted for the Humanity icons:

8 More Beautiful XSplash Screens For Ubuntu

"8 more" becase we already wrote about another 6 nice Xsplash themes for Ubuntu.

The first 3 XSplash themes (screens) are part of the Fusion-GX-v00 pack and can be downloaded from the same location - download link after the third XSplash.

Download The Official Ubuntu Sun Proposed Theme(s)

Ubuntu Sun is a new proposed theme for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx for which, up until now there was only an unofficial version available for download which is now called Ubuntu Sun X.

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