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Overview of Kate Editor in KDE 4.12.3

Over the years, Kate received a lot of new features and many improvements, turning it into a feature-complete editor with support for a huge number of languages.

Bluefish - Powerful Editor for Developers

Bluefish is a powerful text editor aimed towards developers with features such as syntax highlighting, indentation, support for projects, auto-completion and more.

TextMap Gedit Plugin Displays A Navigable File Thumbnail In The Side Pane

If you like the minimap which shows you an an overview of your files that comes with Sublime Text 2, you'll be glad to know that such a plugin was released for Gedit.


The plugin is called Text Map and displays a navigable thumbnail of the entire file in the side pane

PHP, CSS And XML Syntax Highlighting In Nano (Linux Text Editor)

A few days ago I was telling you about using syntax highlighting in Nano (Linux command line text editor). Unfortunately Nano doesn't come with syntax highlighting for some of the most used languages such as CSS, PHP and XML by default.

Bluefish Text Editor 2.0.0 Released [Windows, Linux, Mac OS X]

bluefish 2.2.0

After 16 development releases and 3 release candidates, Bluefish 2.0.0 is finally ready.

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