How To Get A Quake Like Terminal Under Gnome Using Terminator

I am aware of Guake (Gnome), Yakuake (KDE) and so on, but this post is about using drop-down grid terminals using Terminator. Read on!


Terminator 0.94 Adds 'Watch Terminals For Activity' Plugin, More


Exaile, SubtitleEditor 0.36.2, Terminator 0.92 [Small Updates]


Exaile was just released, fixing some nasty bugs:

Terminator 0.90 Finally Released [Multiple Terminals In The Same Window]

terminator 0.90

Install Terminator 0.90 Beta 2 In Ubuntu Karmic And Lucid From A PPA

We covered Terminator 0.90 a while back so I won't introduce it again. The great news is that you can now install Terminator 0.90 beta 2 via a PPA:

Be a Productive Linux User

Use Terminator: Terminator is a nice way to free your valuable screen space from multiple terminal windows. Instead of using one terminal window for each task, divide an existing window horizontally or vertically each time you need a new terminal window. So if you find yourself using 8 terminal windows, you can use Terminator and pack your terminals into 2 windows.

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