Better bookmark tagging with HandyTag, Tagmarks, and TagSifter

The bookmark tagging feature introduced in Firefox 3 is not particularly difficult in use: when bookmarking a Web page, enter the tags you like into the Tags field of the bookmarking dialog window and you are pretty much done. Tagging provides a more flexible way of keeping track of bookmarks than traditional folders. The folder-based system provides an "either/or"-solution to filing bookmarks. For example, you could place a bookmark for an article about installing OpenOffice.org on Puppy Linux in either a Linux or OpenOffice.org folder, but not in both. With tags, you don't have this problem: you can assign as many tags as you like, so the bookmark becomes filed under several categories at the same time.

Rip, store, tag and enjoy MP3s on your Ubuntu install

A short while back, I decided I needed to get a handle on my music collection.  I’ve got random MP3s from years back, purchased MP3s, CDs and even an old 8 track or two.  There are many ways to do go about this but after throwing out the 8 tracks, here’s what I did to get organized.

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