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GUI For Configuring Conky

Conky GUI is a graphic editor that aims to quicken the customization of Conky files.

In case you don't know what Conky is, take a look at the "info panel" in the below image:

2 Very Useful Screenlets: Folderview and SysMonitor PLUS


1. If you use Gnome and want to have a folder view like KDE's built in similar feature or Windows 'Fences', then this screenlet is what you're looking for.

2 Open-Source Alternatives to Everest (Complete System Information)

The 2 below tools are capable of performing an extensive and detailed analysis of your PC, display information about hardware, software, network configuration, etc. You can do this easly under Windows with Everest but how about Linux? Recently I wanted something similar and found the below 2 applications (I wanted something with a GUI):

Conky-like Desktop Info Application With Html Support (gtk-desktop-info) [Ubuntu / Linux]

gtk-desktop-info is a python tool to display various pieces of information directly on the desktop, using plugins for html rendering, with html templates and css style sheets for formatting.

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