Synchronize The Remote Bittorrent Download Folder With A Folder On Your Local Computer

Why would you need this? Let me tell you for what I'm using it: on my work computer, most of the ports are blocked, meaning I cannot use a Bittorrent client. I can, however, use a remote Bittorrent client, and then I use the steps described in this article to synchronize the remote Bittorrent download folder with a local folder.

Grsync: Rsync GUI For Easily Synchronizing (And Backing Up) Folders

Grsync is an open source rsync GUI (Graphical User Interface) which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Rsync is the well-known and powerful command line directory and file synchronization tool.

You can use it for easily data backup alongside Dropbox.

Tonido: Access And Share Your Files From Any­where Through A Web Browser

Tonido is an extensible personal web application platform (I guess you could call it a "home server" or your own personal 'cloud'), that offers an set of rich and powerful browser based applications. The files are hosted on your computer and you (or somebody else if you allow it) can access them remotely, through these web apps.

SpiderOak: Cross Platform Cloud Back-up Solution

We already covered SpiderOak, but only on a quick test, because back then, I didn't see the need for another tool like Dropbox. Read on to see why Dropbox might actually not be enough!

How To Sync Files Outside Your Dropbox Folder

Dropbox is probably the most popular cross-platform service for file sharing, synchronizing and backup. It's biggest drawback is the fact that you cannot synchronize files outside your "Dropbox" folder. Out of the box, that is, because this is actually easily achievable.

Easy Folder Synchronization for Linux: SynchroRep

SynchroRep is an intuitive applications which allows you to easily synchronize two folders. This is usefull principaly for nomads who work with a laptop or usb key but may interest also users who want making differencial backup to gain time.

Canonical Announces Ubuntu One: File Sync for Ubuntu

Canonical announced yesterday a new Synchronization service for Ubuntu machines. The new tool is called Ubuntu One and it will allow Ubuntu users to synchronize files between multiple computers via the internet and also share files using it's web interface or work remotely with those computers.

Synchronize directories with Komparator and KDiff3

If you work some of the time on your laptop and some of the time on your desktop box, making sure that your work is updated on both machines is a must. Many tools can help you accomplish this, from command-line tools such as scp and rsync to generic graphical applications like Konqueror or Krusader, to more specific tools like Unison. Komparator and KDiff3, a couple of KDE applications with interesting features, may offer better ways of syncing your work.

Syncing multiple users' bookmarks with SiteBar

SiteBar is a Web browser bookmark synchronization solution. One feature that sets SiteBar apart from many others is the ability to set up your own bookmark server, which keeps the whole system under your control.

Sync your documentos with Linux, Windows and Ulteo

I have received an email from Ulteo yesterday, and they are good news, now using your Ulteo account, you can sync your documents between your office, your home, and any other PC (even a work with them at a public PC).

Sync Wireless iPhone with Amarok

The following guide allows you to wirelessly sync an iPhone with Amarok in Ubuntu 7.10, including adding, editing and playing songs and playlists. Note :- it requires a jailbroken iPhone.

Keep your laptop and PC in Unison

I usually carry my laptop everywhere and do work on it, but I do also need to work at my desktop PC, so I need to synchronize the files on the two machines. I have used several sync tools in the past, ranging from simple commands like scp and rsync to utilities like Krusader, which includes a way to synchronize directories on different machines. Recently I started using Unison.

Bookmark Sync and Sort: Bookmarks synchronisation with privacy

If you have more than one computer or run more than one operating system (for example, Linux and Windows on a dual-boot machine), you probably need to keep the bookmarks in your browsers on the different platforms in sync. Firefox has several add-ons that can help you.

Syncing your BlackBerry on Linux

If you use Linux on your desktop, and you also happen to have a BlackBerry handheld device, you're probably aware that Research in Motion, the company that develops the BlackBerry platform, offers nothing in the way of support for its devices on Linux -- but the intrepid geeks in the free software world do. Thanks to to the efforts of the Barry and OpenSync projects, I just finished syncing my BlackBerry 8800 with my Evolution contacts on my Ubuntu 7.10 desktop.

Howto: Sync an iPod with Ubuntu

Here is a quick easy & efficent way to syncronize your ipod with Ubuntu.

Access and Synchronize packages through Apt-get and Synaptic

If you’re a user, you can use this tip to sync your GetDeb packages with the update manager and Synaptic.

Keeping Opera bookmarks in sync with oSync

If you use the Opera browser on multiple machines, you'll inevitably run into the problem of keeping your bookmarks in sync.

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