"Synaptic Is Going Bye Bye Soon"

View A Package Changelog Entry With Aptitude or Synaptic

Last week Aaron asked me if I knew the reason behind the latest kernel update, or if I knew where to find the changelog.  I poked around a bit and found that Aptitude, the command-line package management tool, has a changelog option.  If you’d like to see the changelog for a package before you update, or even after you’ve updated, you can do so with Aptitude.

Automatically Find the Fastest Repository in Synaptic

Ubuntu offers you the choice of various repository mirrors around the world. Initially I just chose a server close to me in Canada. But is it really the fastest?

Access and Synchronize packages through Apt-get and Synaptic

If you’re a user, you can use this tip to sync your GetDeb packages with the update manager and Synaptic.

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