Subtitle Editor 0.36.1 Released [w/ Ubuntu PPA]

subtitleeditor 0.36.1 ubuntu

Install Subtitle Editor 0.36.0 In Ubuntu Via A PPA

subtitle editor linux

Right Click Movies To Download Subtitles In Ubuntu

Tired of searching Google for movie subtitles and just wanted to find them in the folder where you keep your movies? Now you can, by using Periscope, which is a Python script that integrates into Nautilus and all you have to do is right click a video file and select "Find subtitles for this video", then the exact subtitle will be downloaded in the folder where the video was.

Creating DVD subtitles using Linux tools

My mother is completely deaf without her cochlear implant, so closed captions and subtitles on DVDs are standard fare in our house. However, when I make a home movie, I haven't always had a way to subtitle it for her. You can make a video with captions that are part of the video itself, but I could find no way to turn them off -- until I found SRT files and learned how to author a DVD with them using open source tools.

Subtitles, Video Editing and DVD Authoring in Ubuntu

Translating movie subtitles is my new hobby. I had no previous knowledge of what subtitles are, how they are embedded in a DVD movie, how to rip them off, how to create new subtitles, and then finally how to prepare a DVD with translated subtitles that could be played on most popular software, hardware and standalone DVD players. I found out that it was not an easy job to embed UTF-8 encoded text on DVD as a separate subtitle stream. So I decided to hardsub my movie, which means that users will not have the option to turn off the Urdu subtitles.

Ubuntu Month of Screencasts: Screencast Subtitles

In order to make our screencasts as accessible as possible, we are working on creating subtitles for all the screencasts on the site. This page will be updated as we get the screencasts transcribed and those transcriptions translated.

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