Improve Application Startup Times With Preload

If your computer habits are anything like mine you probably have a set of applications that you use nearly every time you log in to the machine. Let me guess.. Firefox? Pidgin perhaps? Thunderbird or Evolution? You may have more or less, but it is common for a user to use the same applications regularly. Wouldn’t it be nice if those commonly used applications could startup faster? That is possible with a tool called “Preload”.

Tweak and optimize Ubuntu Linux Boot and Application Startup times dramatically

Here I will share some methods on tweaking and optimizing your ubuntu install that I have learned over the years tweaking linux. This is small and sweet, down to the point and can dramatically speed up your system.

StartUp Manager - change settings in Grub, Grub2 and Usplash

StartUp Manager, or SUM, is a gui tool for changing settings in Grub, Grub2 and Usplash.SUM should work with recent versions of Debian and Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu.

BootUp Manager

The scripts located in /etc/init.d are part of the bootup sequence of every Debian-like distro. Very often Ubuntu's documentation and guides have suggested - in order to deactivate init scripts - to change the permissions of the scripts in /etc/init.d, making them non-executable. This will have the following consequences:

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