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Increase Firefox 3.* Performance by Optimizing the SQLite Databases

Since version 3.0, Firefox changed the way it saves your bookmarks, history, cookies, passwords and so on - it now uses SQLite databases. This has some advantages but also disadvantages because over time, the databases are growing in size and become fragmented and this affects the time Firefox needs to start.

Speed Up Firefox By ~45% - Ubuntu

The Firefox version which comes in Ubuntu has Pango enabled by default. Pango is a font smoothing library which decreases Firefox speed by up to 45%.

Speed Up Amarok With Large Music Collections

Amarok is a wonderful application for managing and playing your music collection, but the default settings aren't optimized for speed when it comes to large collections of music. The problems are especially noticeable while trying to use the search box.

Ubuntu - a Speedup guide

Ubuntu has been main player in Linux distro for a couple of years, and yet some might found it to be a little bit slow in a few aspects. Here i try to show some of guides that might give a boost to your Ubuntu systems. These tweaks will make your system faster and more responsive without a doubt. Read on to perform the tweaks and enjoy your faster system.

Running a faster Open Office

Does your Open Office run slow? Dont worry, with this little tweaks you can speed it up! This also works on Windows.

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