Cuberok: Multi-Platform Audio Player - Amarok 1.4 Style (Qt Based)



Install Wallpaper Clocks In Ubuntu Linux

wallpaper clocks ubuntu linux

Shotwell: New Open Source Photo Organizer for Gnome

Shotwell is a relatively new open source photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It's purpose is to allow you to easily organize your digital camera photos (basic editing included).

PlayOnLinux 3.7 Released

PlayOnLinux is a free application that puts an easy to follow wizard style interface on top of WINE and contains some pre-installed scripts to help load a number of compatible applications and games.

PDF Annotator Software For Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

Whyteboard is a simple whiteboard and PDF annotator application for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

It supports the the annotation of PDF, PostScript documents and various image formats with common drawing tools (pen, rectangles, ellipses, text). Your drawing history is stored, allowing you to replay it.

More Free CAD / CAE Software

We recently posted about a free AutoCAD alternative called BRL-CAD, which is very advanced and build by the US military in collaboration with NASA. But the application is not that easy to use by normal people, not very much into CAD applications (or the army :-) ).

Mozilla: SeaMonkey 2.0 Released

Mozilla has announced the availability of version 2.0 of SeaMonkey, which includes several new features, such as support for HTML 5 tags, improved JavaScript performance and off line data storage for applications. Also, the addition of a new Add-on Manager lets users install, update, disable and remove extensions.

DVD Authoring Made Easy With Bombono DVD

Bombono DVD is an easy to use open-source (Linux only) application for DVD authoring which you can use to create DVDs with menus, chapters, re-auhoring (import from other DVDs), burn the DVD and so on.

Install Docky And Update Gnome Shell From A Repository (Launchpad PPA) [Ubuntu Karmic]

This repository contains the following packages:

-Docky (version 2.0~bzr315-0 at the time of writing this post) - the dock bar part of Gnome Do (read on!)

Caffeine 1.0 For Linux Released

Caffeine is a Gnome applet which basically prevents your computer's screensaver and power saving to activate. The applet works simple but effective: a coffee-cup will be displayed and when you click it, the coffee-cup fills up and keeps your computer from going to sleep.


Free AutoCAD Alternative: BRL-CAD

AutoCAD is one of the most expensive applications, but also indispensable for many types of jobs. Being so expensive, it's a good reason to look for free alternatives. QCad is one of the alternatives but sometimes it's just not enough.

RPhoto: Almost Perfect Image Viewer

RPhoto is an open-source image viewer and editor for Windows and Linux. Its origin resides in the lack of a simple software capable of cropping photos with a constant ratio, to avoid white borders when printing.

Download Files From Megaupload, Rapidshare and Others In Linux, via Command-Line, With Plowshare

Plowshare is a command-line downloader and uploader for some of the most popular file-sharing websites. It works on UNIX-like systems and presently supports: Megaupload, Rapidshare, 2Shared, 4Shared, ZShare, Badongo, DepositFiles and Mediafire.

P2P Windows And Linux Client Tixati Supports Both BitTorrent Protocol And Magnet Links And Works Like A Charm

Tixati is a free, simple, and easy to use P2P client that is compatible with the BitTorrent protocol and also supports magnet links. I probably wouldn't have read about it if it didn't work on Linux, but that made me take a closer look and so I got to enjoy Tixati.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.9 Released, Brings Lots Of Improvements And Karmic Support

Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.9 has been released, a great application for tweaking settings in Ubuntu (Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty or the latest development Karmic). From this version, Ubuntu Tweak has different package for i386 and amd64 and works for Karmic too.

Create Avatars With Linux Application MeMaker

memaker created avatars

Round-up: Updated Linux Applications

Linux applications recently updated (well, actually some are multi-platform, but anyway):

Where is Application 1.5 - application which informs you where to find applications after installing, in the Gnome menu | Download for Ubuntu

MyBashBurn Is A Linux Shell Tool For Burning CDs and DVDs

MyBashBurn is basically a Terminal User Interface (TUI) frontend for Bashburn script (it always had a bad interface) for Linux, which is a complete solution for burning or ripping CDs and DVDs. MyBashBurn uses dialog boxes/functions which draws (using ncurses) windows onto the screen.


Speedy Gnome Menu: Cairo Menu [Ubuntu Download]

Cairo Menu is a fast and functional menu for the Gnome desktop that focuses on speed, efficiency and delivering what you want in the least number of clicks or keystrokes. Even though it somewhat resembles Gnomenu, the author claims Cairo Menu is much faster and brings a number of new concepts and features for this new menu.

SourceForge Community Choice Awards 2009 Winners

The winners of the fourth annual SourceForge Community Choice Awards were announced at this years OSCON.

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