Add keyboard shortcuts with KeyTouch

KeyTouch is an application designed to allow you to make full use of all the special function keys on your keyboard, whether the hardware supports Linux or not. It's a great idea, especially with all the multimedia applications that come standard with today's PCs. But as is often the case, the devil is in the implementation details.

Fix your desktop shortcuts

Kiven of That Damn PC wrote about improving your desktop layout in Windows by reducing the number of mouse clicks you have. I also do the same thing on Linux. I put the icons of the apps I commonly use on Gnome panel.

Adding shortcuts to the right click menu in Ubuntu

If you’re like me, you like the option of being able to open certain applications on the fly, simply by selecting them from your right click menu. It is possible to add your most used, or any applications to the Ubuntu right click menu with a tool called Nautilus Actions.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Bash (Command Shell for Ubuntu)

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