second life

Install SecondLife on Ubuntu 8.04

Its been ages since I played with SecondLife but I was reminded about it this evening and thought I would put something together regarding how to install it.  There are not any packages for it in the Ubuntu repositories, but it is pretty simple to get running.

Second Life Linux Client Turns Beta

After extensive testing and loads of community involvement, we’re happy to announce that the Linux version of the Second Life viewer has gone beta and is available for download at: Now Linux users can enjoy the same capabilities as Windows and Mac users to explore, create and socialize!

An open source "Second Life" for Linden Lab

Linden Lab, the creator of online virtual community Second Life, released its viewer earlier this year with a GPL 2.0 license, adding a clause called the "FLOSS exception," which releases developers using certain open source licenses from the requirement that any derivative works be licensed under the GPL.

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