Real-Time Earth Wallpaper For Linux

We already wrote about a wallpaper application for Linux which displays the current weather, moon phases and time of day based on your current location, in real time.

Linux Python Script To Check RAM Usage for Multiple Instances of the Same Application or An Application Which Uses Multiple Processes

Mem Info is an interesting Python script that allows you to check the RAM usage of processes that are running on your computer. What's great about it is that you can see the memory used by all the instances of an application, together which can be very useful in certain situations, for example: the RAM memory used by all the tabs of Chromium browser, etc.

Extend Amarok with useful scripts

Amarok is a popular audio player under Linux. It can manage external storage devices, transfer music to your iPod, display lyrics, and play various formats. Although Amarok supports scripts to extend its functionality, not many users know about the powerful features that these simple plugins can provide.

Simple shell script

Maybe most of the readers of this blog do already know about shell scripts, and maybe they know even more than me (which is not difficult), but for those who does not know about it, I will write a little about shell scripts. A shell script is a sequence of commands -For those coming from DOS is like a .bat file- this command will execute in the sequence they are entered, unless loops, if, do, for, or any other commands like those are used.

Scripting Scribus

Have you ever said, "This program is pretty nice, but I wish it would ..."? For applications that offer the capability, scripting gives users the ability to customize, extend, and tailor a program to meet their needs. Scribus, a free page layout program that runs on Linux (and Mac OS and Windows) uses the Python programming language for user scripting. Python scripting in Scribus can drastically improve your work flow, and it's relatively easy for beginners to not only use scripts, but also write them.

Simple Linux and Unix Password Cracker Shell Script

Today, I thought I'd go over a simple shell script that runs on both Linux and Unix (hopefully, pretty much any flavor) to wrap a popular password cracking program called John The Ripper, JTR from here on out, which you can download directly from this page, if you're not already using it.

Install Samba quickly and Easily Via Custom Scripts on Ubuntu

I found these scripts based off of a web tutorial on how to install and configure a file server via samba that i found here. I don't take credit for the tutorial just for the scripts. Feel free to edit these scripts and make them better. Just be sure to post the new ones.


  1. extract the samba scripts.
  2. run
  3. run for each user you want to add
  4. run
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