Caffeine 1.0 For Linux Released

Caffeine is a Gnome applet which basically prevents your computer's screensaver and power saving to activate. The applet works simple but effective: a coffee-cup will be displayed and when you click it, the coffee-cup fills up and keeps your computer from going to sleep.


Loop Movie, Video, and Display Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper in Ubuntu

Want to loop a video clip or movie on your desktop? I did and found a nice little tool that does just that. First lets grab some essential building libraries via the terminal: Applications->Accessories->Terminal:

How to Install the Eternity Screensaver in Ubuntu

The Eternity Screensaver plays animations of ray-traced scenes which took days or even weeks to generate. The reasoning is that these clips should look more impressive than anything which can be generated on-the-fly.

Ubuntu “Human” Gnome-Screensaver Lock Dialog Theme

One of my friends let me in on a project he put together today that I think a lot of you would be interested in. Actually I think it would be a great addition to squeeze into the next Ubuntu release (can some of the higher-ups with a say on the freezes perhaps take a look?) It is a “human” themed gnome screensaver lock dialog.

Screensaver as a Desktop Wallpaper

Did you ever dream about Matrix Desktop? A desktop where you could use your screensaver as you desktop wallpaper? Today I’m going to show you a way how you can achieve this effect in Linux, especially when you use Gnome as your window manager:

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